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Real or Fake? Megalodon Spotted Next to Boat?

Real or Fake? Megalodon Spotted Next to Boat?

The ocean is the most mysterious place in the world, not many people know this, however our ocean is only 5 – 10% explored and there is still a lot of unexplored areas and unseen life down there. Most people seem to believe that all prehistoric sea creatures, such as the Megalodon is still lurking in our oceans today, some would say surely the world would of seen a megalodon as they are massive compared to any other sea creature that we know, but then videos emerge from the internet and they look real!

This is the video that went around the world for a couple of months. Claiming to show a video of a massive megalodon like shark near a boat, scaring tourist. This video seems to be real, looks very real and the tourist are staring right at it, maybe great editing when a dolphin went by? Or we have seen a megalodon shark on camera! Nothing else has came up about this video, however some people claim that this is proof of real life megalodons lurking in our ocean!

This video that claims to show a megalodon has been looked at carefully, nothing seems out of the ordinary, this is because this video is real! But the claim isn’t, well some people claim it others know what this shark is actually called! This type of shark is a Basking Shark, commonly known as one of the largest sharks lurking in our oceans today! Still not much proof of a Megalodon in our ocean, however with only 5% of our ocean explored… its only a matter of time before we see one… if they are really alive! Click here for more real or fake

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