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Real or Fake? Megalodon Spotted During Underwater Research?

Real or Fake? Megalodon Spotted During Underwater Research?

Our Ocean is a mysterious and undiscovered location where a lot of facts, fakes and more comes from. From alien like creatures from the deep part of the ocean, to the mythical creatures of the deep. Everyone can claim they have seen something huge and or unseen before, however nowadays, if there is no photo proof or evidence surrounding the claim, no one will believe you. One ancient ocean monster has been believed to be extinct for some time now, however more and more evidence seems to get through. This video claims to show a 62 feet long shark caught in the Pacific Ocean!

This video is very hard to see at first, until the Biologists go and zoom into the massive looking shark. The video is about an underwater research team seeing a massive shark during their time looking from the machines that are already down their, even has some coordinates in it! The Camera seems to show a slight fin and a long body of a shark, believed to be the massive Megalodon! Looking in the comments on this one video, its a mix of if people thought this. Some say fiction, others say real!

Looking at this video time and time again, there is no logical explanation to it, therefore this one will be unknown! The reason this is going to be unknown, is due to the amount of research done and this video was posted back in 2013, meaning this could of been a fictional video made by the history channel to promote shark week! Like they did with the promotion of the massive shark during the week. Click here for that article! So, are Megalodons real? For more real or fakes, click here!

Banner and Image Credit: iQoncept

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