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Netflix Loses Subscribers!

Netflix Loses Subscribers!

Over the past few months, Netflix, popular streaming platform, has been beginning to lose a lot of subscribers. They were known as “the king of streaming” however, Netflix have now taken a tough turn due to the lack of new content being uploaded. 

Netflix Loses Subscribers!

Netflix has recently lost almost 1 million subscribers between the months of April and July. This number is rapidly increasing, meaning by the end of August, Netflix will have lost almost 1 million subscribers.

With this, there could be a reason why this number is not as high as they may have expected. The firm’s chief executive, Reed Hastings, has stated that “If there was a single thing, we might say ‘Stranger Things.'”


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Stranger Things is currently a massive hit on the streaming platform, Netflix. With millions of people enjoying the drama and since then it has been a massive hit to the company.

The company reported its first subscriber loss since 2011 in April, news that was followed by hundreds of job cuts and a change in price. Was cheaper than it is now.

This has been the companies biggest downfall since the beginning of when they started out with this streaming platform, with most of the cancelations coming from America and Canada, something needs to change for this to work.

What could be next for Netflix?

Netflix has started to go down due to the amount of subscribers not seeing new content and or the new content is not what everyone is wanting. There has been massive updates about Netflix and what they are going to be doing, such as Gaming, this may bring more back!

As time goes on, Netflix could start gaining more subscribers and or losing more and more each week.

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