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Real or Fake? Drone Footage Found a Megalodon?

Real or Fake? Drone Footage Found a Megalodon?

The earth is a massive, mysterious, and fake place. Meaning there is a lot of scientists trying to make sense of this world. Trying to explore everything and anything to ensure safety in the world with some dangerous moments. It is said that one place is so unexplored it’s not fun to think about. The ocean is so unexplored that according to scientists, there is only 5% to 10% of our oceans are explored, so this means that there are some unidentified creatures below and maybe some from a long time ago… According to this footage, a Megaladon has been spotted… AGAIN!

This footage claims to show a real-life Megalodon spotted on a drone. Could this be? There is a lot of issues with this however, why are the kids not running away from this monster Shark? It will clearly be very visible in that one Ocean, however, the Shark is not moving at all? This is odd behavior from our biggest shark in the world. Sharks are known to keep swimming and maybe even towards what they would believe is food to them, the Kids swimming towards it! But let’s give it some research and see if we can see if this video is real!



New Megaladon footage has been looked at, it is seemingly Rea… Fake! 110% Fake. No question about this one. The shark appears to be edited in from another video that actually does have a shark in it, it’s just a small shark. Another day, Another Fake! Will this Megaladon fake ever be real? Comment and tell me if you believed that Megalodons are real! For more Real or Fakes, Click here!

Banner and Image Credit: Joao Serafim

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