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Icon Swaps 2 Leaked!

Icon Swaps 2 Leaked!

After how successful the first icon swaps were for FIFA 22, it was easy to say that FIFA/EA Sports were going to do another one for the fans! Everyone has been waiting for it to be released and rumor has it that it will be released today(Monday 21st February)! There has been a leaked image that shows what these icon swaps could be! This could be the one that everyone does!

It is believed that this is the icon swaps for this month and or for this time period. There are some Prime icons and some mid icons! What a great lineup for fans to go for! Only 9 icon swaps for 92 rated Stoichkov and an Icon Moments Gerrard are up for grabs if they managed to get 12 Icon Swaps!

This is by far the best reward the FIFA community has seen in a long time, apart from the SBC Fekir that was released a while ago and the year in review! Will you complete this?

Banner and Editorial credit: Diego Thomazini / Shutterstock.com

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