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Fortnite to Return to iPhone!

Fortnite to Return to iPhone!

One of the most popular games of all time is finally coming back to Mobile phones, however its only coming back to iPhone and iPads! This game was almost removed from the app store a year and a half ago, however now it will be returning to iPhone and iPads very soon!

This has came just in time with the most recent update for Fortnite, Fornite chapter 3: Flipped! The map has now been flipped upside down and everyone is involved. The likes of Spiderman, the Rock and many more are trying to save the Fortnite map!

Nothing has been confirmed on when the app will return to the store, all that has been confirmed is that it will come to the app store, however Android users will also get a chance to play Fortnite on their devices as it is said that there will be a beta for the game coming out soon on Android!

Banner and Editorial credit: davide bonaldo / Shutterstock.com

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