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Could We See Andrew Garfield in the Black Suit?

Could We See Andrew Garfield in the Black Suit?

2012 saw the release of a brand new Spiderman, after 2007’s Spiderman was great and then Spiderman 4 got scrapped, The Amazing Spiderman entered the cinemas. With Andrew Garfield playing Peter Parker and fighting the Lizard in the first movie, managing to get a second and almost losing $90 million compared to the last movie. This was due to Sony trying to add too many things to The Amazing Spiderman 2. From 3 villains to Gwen’s death. The storyline wasn’t there, however fans are wanting The Amazing Spiderman 3 after his performance in No Way Home. What could happen?

With Venom being confirmed to be in Andrew Garfield’s universe, fans speculate that there is going to be 2 fights with 2 different Spiderman’s and Venoms, as Venom with Tom Hardy is in The Amazing Spiderman’s universe and Venoms symbiote is in Tom Holland’s Spiderman universe, however there is speculation that Venom goes to Spiderman, turns him into the black suit and then fights him as Eddie Brock!

The likely-hood of this happening is slim right now, however if Andrew Garfield does end up making an appearance in Morbius, then the likely-hood of him facing Venom could be high… however nothing is confirmed but fans would love to see this happen!

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