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FIFA 22: Year in Review Player Pick?

FIFA 22: Year in Review Player Pick?

Recently, EA Sports released a player pick called the year in review player pick. Not a lot of fans will know what this player pick is and will be skeptical about it as it doesn’t sound very appealing at first as nothing else is really said about it, however, this player pick is worth doing.

This player pick allows the average FIFA player to spend maybe 100k FIFA coins or less on a team to have a chance of getting any SBC, squad builder challenge, a player that has ever been released up until Team of the Year. Meaning players can get anyone that has been released in an SBC and they won’t get any other SBC.

From the likes of Potm, Player of the Month, Salah to Team of the group stages Fekir. There is an endless amount of players the average player could have a chance of getting in this 1 of 3 player pick. It is a great way to get someone you may have missed or someone that you may have just not had time to do.

When I did both of mine, I got two players I wish I did, Fekir 87 rated and Kondogbia who is rated 85. Who did you get?

Banner and Image Credit: Diego Thomazini

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