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Arcane! Season 1 Episode 6!

Arcane! Season 1 Episode 6!

When These Walls Come Tumbling Down

The episode starts with taking a small look into Victors past when he was a child in the undercity making his own inventions that being a small metal ship, he tired his best to follow it but ended up falling. He then ventures into a cave to retrieve his ship however a strange who was also a creator who introduce Victor to a rare mutation he help create. However it was dying and Victor offered to help stop that.

In the next scene we are brought to Mel room who was seen doing art when Jayce come in and tells her that Victor dying and Mel decides to tell Jayce about her past but she tells Jayce to be with Victor while he’s dying. We are then brought to Victor trying to touch the new hextec gear.

We then brought to Caitlyn and Vi who are trying to get away from Silco goons, however Vi is really injured she dropped off from a cliff and Caitlyn has to go after her.

We are then brought to Jinx and Sevika and Jinx was trying to find out who they were after but Jinx tells her Vi back in town and Jinx has a bit of a freak out but then everything goes black.

We are then brought back to Vi and Caitlyn as Caitlyn get Vi into a safe place as she was bleeding out but slowly so Caitlyn tries to help her the best she could she decides to go out and she come across a man who takes her to a merchant that can give her a little shimmer but she had to trade her gun for it. So she was fast to head back.

We are then taken to a councilor meeting about the latest where there is dispute where the professor end up being taken off council by the other members some of them seem reluctant but do so anyway.

We are then brought to Caitlyn and Vi where she is taking the potion to hopefully help her and Caitlyn figures out where Vi and her were hiding was somewhere Vi used to live however Silco find them. Vi demands to know what happen to Jinx.

We then see Jinx holding and lighting the flare that was given to her as a child standing holding it while Vi and Caitlyn are running away from Silco however Silco spots the blue flame and Vi finds her but calls her Powder. Vi comes to hug her and it causes Jinx to cry however Jinx freaks out when she see’s Caitlyn and Vi tries to calm down however she suffers a state of psychosis before getting attack by another group.

 The Review

This episode was a whirl wind of emotion it was amazing it showed lots of action and some good memories it showed even more development for the plot it was amazing we got to learn so much more about the characters and just how badly it hurt for both sisters being far apart. I also loved seeing how both Caitlyn and Vi have gotten closer and that they are willing to do teamwork to get to where they need to be considering they are opposites one being from Topside and the other being from the undercity.

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