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Arcane! Season 1 episode 5!

Arcane! Season 1 episode 5!

Everyone Wants to Be My Enemy!

The episode kicks of with a small little look at Caitlyn past where she seems to be practicing with her rifle being taught by the head of the enforcers where she win against her and shows how well she can shoot. She get asked what she was shooting for.

Then we get brought back to the current present where we see Vi and Caitlyn. Caitlyn was talking about Vi files explaining she had nothing on record for her crimes, so she asked for why she was even in there in the first place. Vi was obviously sarcastic with her. Caitlyn shows her own evidence which she had gathered against Silco obviously Vi was quick to perk up. Caitlyn then decides to get Vi help to maybe finally put and end to chaos.

The next scene shows a funeral for all enforcers who were lost in the explosion, where the new head enforcer shows his daughter the old enforcer he lost. It then show the head enforcer and Silco having a meeting about covering for the fatal accident which Jinx caused.

We then get taken to Jinx who is making her own Hex Tec gate with the items she stole, however it explodes and causing a flash back from her childhood where she lost everyone,  she then takes off from it muttering over and over again that she made a mistake.

We get taken back to Vi and Caitlyn, this scene we see Vi looking over the Undercity , Vi start to Park core her way down easily meanwhile Caitlyn has to take her time trying to follow after Vi. We then see Vi eating while Caitlyn stands there getting frustrated with her wanting just to focus on work.

We then get brought to a theatre, where we see Jayce getting a very clear warning from Mel saying how he has a target on his back due to what he’s already doing for the council.

We then see Jinx go to an old hideout that was still destroyed from when they were kids, she looks around and then decides to fix the machine and take a go at it herself. However Vi still had the highest score.

We then get taken to the last drop where Caitlyn and Vi are watching it in the shadows, Caitlyn makes a comment which clearly upsets Vi as she walks off heading off to there next destination. Which we find out its like a strip club one might say. Caitlyn is clearly awkward. Vi tells Caitlyn to act like she works here even though she disagrees but gets forced anyways while Vi goes and searches for information regarding Jinx and Silco.

We then see Victor working on a new project however as it goes on he becomes sicker and sicker, but he keeps working non the less as we watch him grow more and more frustrated and he passes out at his desk.

We then move onto a scene where there Silco and Jinx standing in the lake explaining things to her basically telling telling her to let go Powder and Let there be Jinx and only Jinx.

We are then brought to scene where we see Vi walking along who coms across Sevika and she starts a fight with her. Sevika was shocked however doesn’t stop them from fighting however Vi does receive a nasty blow but the before Sevika can kill her Caitlyn comes in and saves her.

The Review

This episode was fantastic and we got see some major plot development it was fun to watch plus we also got to watch some characters develop more in depth and the relationships between them.  The episodes was highly entertaining along with having some funny part here and there. This episode had it all, it was truly amazing to watch and to simply enjoy as a whole. I would recommend this series to anyone you really got to learn more about some of the characters back stories.


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