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Arcane! Season 1 episode 7!

Arcane! Season 1 episode 7!

The Boy Savior

The episode start off where we see Caitlyn and Vi help captive and there not able to see but it doesn’t stop them from breaking out into an argument over each other motives for even coming to the undercity which put a huge weight on there trust for each other. Then we see Vi get taken and Caitlyn left alone and brought to the leader who we find is a grown up version of Ekko. Vi couldn’t believe it.

We are then brought to Victor who is looking for a way to save his life, the scientist give him a variation of Shimmer that will go toward his cause to save himself from death.

We are then brought to Silco and Sevika who are having a meeting about what going around the undercity then we are brought to Jinx and she having a psychosis attack while patching herself from the attack.

Ekko then shows Vi around a little save haven that he made to keep other safe from Silco wrath but it was really beautiful. He then shows a picture that he drew of all the people they had lost and it was heart breaking.

We are then brought to the meeting about what to do about the topside and Silco makes sure they remember near enough poisoning them all.

We then see Caitlyn trying to be heroic wanting Vi to be safe while Vi jokes and comes out showing she was fine and Caitlyn was actually showing that she generally cared about Vi .

We are then brought to Silco and Jinx and we watch how Silco manipulates Jinx mind which causes her to run off.

In the next scene we are brought to Mel, Jayce and Victor talking about making Hextec into weapons which Victor is completely against but Jayce is thinking about siding with Mel.

We then see Caitlyn, Vi and Ekko making a move on the way  upper city to return the gemstone  while in-between that we see Victor preparing to use shimmer on himself and the hextec in order to save his own life.

Caitlyn, Vi and Ekko get to a point in the bridge and Caitlyn and Vi says there goodbyes to each other, but then there Jinx is there watching them and jealousy is clearly shown as Ekko and Caitlyn move there way and then get stopped by Marcus. Marcus shoots Ekko and holds a gun up to Caitlyn that until Jinx makes her move on the bridge meanwhile Vi is there running back to try help. Caitlyn is seen getting up from the explosion, she is struggling due to her injuries and Vi get to her helping her up. Jinx then see them and loses it and starts firing at Caitlyn but Ekko comes in to fight Jinx

We then see a really heavy fight between Jinx and Ekko they both look at each other showing small parts of there past where they used to play together as kids and then were brought back to them fighting but Ekko stops and Jinx blows up one last grenade as a suicide act it seem Ekko had a enough time to get away but she didn’t

 The Review

This episode was heartbreaking, it was sad to see the different twist and turns that went though Jinx mind and how she lost her sister and then finding her again on the bridge. Vi wanted to go back for Jinx but she didn’t want Caitlyn getting hurt when she was trying to do a good thing. It was nice to see some old friend united while also seeing the risks Victor was willing to take to see his own life. This episode was one of the best in my opion so far it had a bit of everything and you could really feel your emotions when looking back at the characters.


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