What Happened To Avis Mooney?

Mooney was born on the 26t of October 1927, and was last seen in Mabank, Texas sometime during the autumn months of 1961.

Her husband said he had come home one day and and found a note from her, saying she was leaving him. This is what he told their two children,

There had been problems in the marriage, as they apparently fought frequently, sometimes escalating to physical engagements. Mooney had left her husband before, so her family did not question her husband’s story – at first.

Her family has not heard from her since around the time she disappeared, when her mother got a letter from her. Her mother isn’t sure Mooney actually wrote the letter, though, as she thinks the handwriting resembles her son-in-law’s more than her daughter’s.

There was a possible sighting of Mooney in Hughes Springs, Texas in the early 1970s, but this has not been confirmed. There aren’t too many details available about the case, as case remains unsolved, and foul play is possible in her disappearance.

Information courtesy of the Charley Project. 

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