Does Social Media Do More Harm Than Good?

Does Social Media Do More Harm Than Good?

Many people spend multiple hours on social media per day, and many more continue to suffer from mental distress due to it. Which raises the question, does social media do more bad than good?

Facebook is the largest social media platform undoubtedly, and it’s been online for around 15 years now. It provides a space where people can interact with friends and family, and connect with people all over the world.

The business aspect of social media is great as well. Businesses can build a huge audience from platforms such as Facebook, and target specific audiences with ads and products.

However, the dark side of social media hasn’t really been addressed much until recently. Many sad incidents have been linked to social media usage, and people can even get depressed and harm themselves or others due to usage of social media.

Facebook moderators have to be given therapy, as all they do is sit and watch troubling videos all day, that they have to remove from the site. These people are often forgotten about.

Instagram is particularly harmful because people don’t post them at their worst, only at their best. This can paint a very unrealistic standard of living and also unrealistic standards of beauty, which can make a person, even more upset, because they think everyone else is having such a better time, when they often aren’t.

Social media provides bullies and other cruel people with tools to often target people anonymously, and if not anonymously, the internet gives them a sense of protection and bravery, which can lead to them saying things they wouldn’t necessarily say in real life. Because, as you’ll probably know yourself, it seems some people commenting online seem to forget that there’s another real person on the other side of the screen.

Overall, social media has improved society in many ways, such as commerce, social, and more, but in certain situations it makes the vulnerable even more vulnerable and down. So yes, just from the points made above, to some people, social media does more harm than good, and I haven’t even touched on some other large negative aspects of it. But if you are one of the people affected by social media or someone on there, don’t keep it to yourself. Talk to a real life person about your issues because more often than not they are taken very seriously and get resolved quickly.

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