Goblin Guide Clash of Clans

Goblin Guide Clash of Clans

The Goblins are the fourth troop to be unlocked in Clash of Clans

They are a ground-only attacker that prioritises resources. They are one of the fastest-moving troops in the game.

Goblins deal double damage to resource buildings which also include the Town Hall and Clan Castle. However, much like Archers and Barbarians, they are very susceptible to splash damage from Mortars and Wizard Towers.

Goblins will ignore attacking troops and defence buildings. However, due to their speed, they are good at avoiding spring taps and bombs.  as long as the traps are not surrounding the resource building where goblins will be stationary until destroyed.

A well-placed bomb can be devastating to a group of Goblins with a similar level of devastation to splash attacks.

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