Barbarian Guide Clash of Clans

Barbarian Guide Clash of Clans

The Barbarian is the first Troop unlocked in the barracks of your home village in the game Clash of Clans. The Barbarian is a single-target ground attack melee troop.

The Barbarian falls within the Elixir Troops Category.

The Barbarian is designed to attack the nearest building; however, they will leave their target if approached by an enemy troop. Once the enemy is defeated, they will attack the closest structure. The Barbarian is unable to leap over wall structures and, therefore, must destroy the wall to be able to get through or find a way around the wall.


Barbarians have no preferred target and are a Melee ground only attacker. They only require one housing space in your army camp but have a relatively low damage per second stat, so their strength is with numbers. Their biggest weakness comes from splash attacks and triggering traps such as springs and bombs. Large, congregated groups of barbarians can easily be wiped out in full by Mortars, Wizard Towers and Bomb Towers.

Barbarians are commonly used alongside Archers. The barbarians will trigger the defences allowing the archers to attack and remain unharmed. Many will also add Goblins into this mix to quickly destroy resource buildings. However, you do need to exercise caution if you are going to use this as a strategy just because the goblin moves twice as fast as the Barbarian and 33% faster than the Archer sp they will likely separate after destroying a number of buildings.

Because of their low elixir cost, Barbarians make great cannon fodder, either by distracting defences or triggering traps, however, large groups are particularly vulnerable to being wiped out so if you are wanting to use them for this don’t send all your barbarians at once.

Mortars can easily be destroyed by Barbarians as long as they can get close enough. Mortars cannot target troops that are 4 tiles or closer to them, therefore as long as there is nothing else targeting the area of the mortar a sing barbarian can effectively destroy an enemy mortar.

Stats and Upgrading

Training times

  • 1 barracks = 20 seconds per unit
  • 2 barracks = 10 seconds per unit
  • 3 barracks = 6 seconds per unit
  • 4 barracks = 5 seconds per unit

Level stats

LevelDamage per SecondHitpointsTraining Cost (elixir)Research Cost (elixir)Research TimeLaboratory Level Required
6261252001,400,0001d 12h7
8342053004,000,0004d 12h9



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