Giant Guide Clash of Clans

Giant Guide Clash of Clans

The Giants in Clash of Clans are the third troop to be unlocked in the main game in the home village. They are a ground-melee attack-style troop. Giants’ attack priority is the enemy’s defences. Therefore, they will not be distracted by enemy troops and will continue to attack defences even when attacked directly.

Once all of the enemy’s defences are destroyed, the Giants will then move on to destroying Buildings.

Each Giant takes up five housing spaces in the army camp. Level one Giants have 300 hit points with a training cost of 150 elixir, and when fully upgraded, their total hit points are 2000. This means they are great for absorbing damage and can keep enemy defences busy while other troops destroy buildings and resources.

The Giants are relatively slow-moving and take 2 seconds between each attack. The Giants’ attack strength starts at 22 and can be upgraded to 144.


Giants are great at absorbing damage; therefore, they make a great distraction while your barbarians, archers and goblins attack buildings and resources. Use Giants to take out Mortars and Wizard Towers, getting rid of spash-defences will help your long game in an attack; the giants work best in groups. However, be cautious of traps, especially spring traps, as these can devastate a group of giants.

Think of the Giants as Cannon Fodder 2.0, an upgrade from the Barbarian, with some attack capabilities.

Giants will ignore defence troops until all defence structures have been destroyed, so remember to have some support ready to protect your giants.

If your opponent has a high-level mortar, be cautious of deploying other troops too early. Once the Giants get into the blind zone, the mortars will focus on your other troops until it is destroyed. Keep this in mind when deploying multiple troop types in a close area when splash defences are prominent.

Defending against the Giants is a tricky one at the lower levels. A basic simple strategy is to protect your defence buildings, especially wizard towers with walls, and also back up with air defences to counter healers. Wizard towers are great for delivering damage to a group of Giants, but the tower will fall quickly if unprotected.

Training and levelling up

Training Time of Giants
1 Barracks 2 Barracks 3 Barracks 4 Barracks
2m 1m 40s 30s


Level Damage per Attack Hitpoints Training Cost (elixir) Research Cost (elixir) Research Time
Laboratory Level Required
1 22 300 150 N/A N/A N/A
2 28 360 300 40,000 4h 2
3 38 450 750 150,000 8h 4
4 48 600 1,500 500,000 12h 5
5 62 800 2,250 1,200,000 1d 6
6 86 1,100 3,000 2,000,000 2d 7
7 100 1,300 3,500 3,500,000 4d 8
8 114 1,500 4,000 5,000,000 8d 9
9 128 1,850 4,500 9,000,000 13d 10
10 144 2,000 5,000 13,000,000 15d 11

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