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The Best Chromebook of 2020 and Maybe 2021!

The Best Chromebook of 2020 and Maybe 2021!

One of the biggest parts of each year is looking back at old tech and seeing if it was worth the money that it was marketed at. Some products like some Android phones, some iPhones, and most laptops are not worth buying due to them not having fast enough processors and or they have nothing different to the one that you may want, however, this could be the best Chromebook of 2020 and could carry over into 2021!

Google have managed to create a decent operating Chromebook that has taken the eyes of many people around the world, even some tech YouTubers have done videos saying that this is the best Chromebook of 2020. The Google Pixelbook Go.

Pixelbook Go was released on the 15th of October 2019 with the expectations of being the best Chromebook of 2020 and the rest of 2019 and with one of the best processors and more, this Chromebook has become the number one choice for those who want an expensive Chromebook that won’t break within a year.

Google Pixelbook Go review: A more affordable alternative to the original  Pixelbook | Ars Technica


The specifications are as followed; 4k Ultra HD Molecular Display, 8th Gen Intel Core Processor (M3/m5/m7), 8GM of Ram, Storage is small with 64GB, up to 12 hours of use, only two input ports and so much more. One of the highest-priced Chromebooks reaches the same as the Macbook pro, over £1,000 but the cheapest Chromebook is £600+.

This will also link with the Google Pixel 3a and above since both are Google Products.

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