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Internet Explorer to Retire!

Internet Explorer to Retire!

After almost 27 years of browsing, Internet Explorer, also known as Microsoft Edge, will be retiring and planning to make it’s final version of Internet Explorer for Windows 11! They debuted in 1995 and by 2004, they had cornered 95% of the market. 

Nowadays, Internet Explorer is not used as much as other software’s. 90% of the time, with some average users, they get a computer, go onto internet explorer and install the likes of Chrome and or Firefox.

As of right now, the most popular browser for everyone is Google Chrome as Google is a massive company that has managed to incorporate some incredible features onto their very own browsers.

Image Credit: Rose Carson

With this in mind, another reason to why this could be happening, is due to phones not using the windows version of the internet! Apple iPhones are using their very own browser called Safari and Android phones have went to Google. Meaning that Internet Explorer is under used and never used by a lot of people!

Google Chrome is currently the browser that everyone uses nowadays. Becoming the most used browser in the history of the world. Leaving Internet Explore to be the installing process of Chrome. After one more update, this will be the end of Internet Explorer.

Banner and Image Credit: Burdun Iliya

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