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EU Set to Have Type-C as Common Charger for Phone!

EU Set to Have Type-C as Common Charger for Phone!

The day that no one thought would ever come has finally happened. There will now only be one phone charger across all phones, this will take place in 2024 giving phone companies enough time to sort out their phones!

The EU has agreed to only allowing companies to use the type-C chargers for their new phones and or products that require a charger, however this means that the old chargers are less likely to be sold anywhere on the market, meaning this could be the end for all the old phones.

This charger was first introduced by an android phone and has now become well known as the fastest charger in the world. Appearing on all the Google Pixel phones and all the new Samsung phones. Recently, this came onto iPhones, however they are still using the old chargers that they had since the first ever iPhone.

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This will come into effect in 2024, making half the phones in the world unusable if they don’t have a charger at all. Leading them to have to buy another phone due to the phone no longer having an charger to buy.

In some ways, this is a great thing. Making it easier to buy a charger than some people asking themselves which one is it, some part of it is terrible, as now their will be shops lacking phone chargers and some people not having the right phone anyway.

What’s your opinion?

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