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Five of the Most Painful Missed Field Goals In NFL Playoff History

Missing a Field Goal is never pleasant, however, when it costs you a playoff win or even a Super Bowl it is doubly painful. It happened again this season when Cody Parkey’s effort was tipped by the Eagles defence and has happened a few times before. Five of the most painful are below:

Lin Elliott, 1995 AFC Divisional Playoff Kansas City Chiefs v Indianapolis Colts

The Chiefs were the AFC’s top playoff seed in 1995 went into the game the no one seeds, however, in a close defensive battle, Lin Elliott had a day to forget missing three times including a 42 yarder with 42 seconds left. The Colts would go on to lose another close one against the Steelers in the AFC Championship Game.

Blair Walsh, 2015 NFC Wild Card Playoff Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks

In a freezing game in Seattle Vikings Kicker Blair Walsh kicked three straight field goals to send Minnesota into the fourth quarter with a 9-0 lead. The Seahawks rallied to lead 10-9 but with 26 seconds left he had a 27-yard chip shot to win the game. The words “wide left” will haunt him for the rest of his life. Seattle lost in the next round to eventual beaten finalists Carolina.

Nate Kaeding, 2004 AFC Wild Card Playoff San Diego Chargers v New York Jets

This game was tied at 20-20 in overtime when Kaeding had the chance to win it for the Chargers with a 40-yard attempt. The kick went wide right and the Jets and on the ensuing drive on Doug Brien’s 28-yard field goal sealed the win. His joy would be short lived though….

Doug Brien, 2004 AFC Divisional Playoff Pittsburgh Steelers v New York Jets

A week later Doug Brien got to feel what Nate Kaeding experienced when with the scores tied at 17-17 he missed a game-winning field goal with 4 seconds left. The game went into overtime and Pittsburgh won it 20-17 with a 33-yard kick by Jeff Reed. The Steelers who had beaten New England on Haloween to end their long unbeaten run lost the rematch 41-27. Still, it was a great rookie season for their QB Ben Roethlisberger.

Scott Norwood Super Bowl XXV (25) Buffalo Bills v New York Giants

The Buffalo Bills were playing in their first ever Super Bowl and in what to this day remains one of the most exciting he had the chance to win it with eight seconds remaining. However, his kick sailed wide right, and the Giants won it 20-19. The Bills would go on to lose an unprecedented four consecutive Super Bows, ironically all to teams who now play in the NFC East (Washington and Dallas two years running).

The Field Goal That Never Was – 2006 NFC Wild Card Playoff Seattle Seahawks v Dallas

No roundup of the most painful field goal misses ever would be complete without mentioning the somewhat farcical attempt that cost the Cowboys the game. Trailing 21-20 with one minute & 19 seconds left Dallas had a chip shot FG attempt from inside the 10-yard line. However, Tony Romo made a botch of holding the snap and decided to try and run the ball in. He failed and the rest is history and Seattle held on. The Seahawks used all their luck up in that one though and lost in overtime to the Bears in the Divisional game.

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