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Covid-19 Death Toll Nearly 15 Million? Says WHO!

Covid-19 Death Toll Nearly 15 Million? Says WHO!
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The Covid-19 pandemic has ruined a lot of people’s lives and made the world as we know it different from how we would have expected it. Masks, lockdowns, and working from home have changed the way we look at life!

Covid-19 has been around since 2020 after being found out about during the China pandemic! Now, it is all over the world with thousands of cases a day being reported!

WHO has stated that there have been more deaths that have not been put down as Covid-19-related deaths! WHO is estimated to have at least 15 million people have died of Covid-19, this is however just an estimate from the World Health Organization!

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That is almost 13% more deaths than normally expected within two years! This is what the WHO believes! This could be right since Covid-19 is known for killing those with underline health issues and those with problems with their lungs!

With this new information, there could be a bigger threat with this virus, as the Indian government is concerned about the methodology, however other studies have come to similar conclusions about the scale of the deaths in that country!

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