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UK Covid-19 Update!

UK Covid-19 Update!
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From now onwards, the UK has been living with the virus known as Covid-19. So far, the plan to have all restrictions gone and everything back to normal is doing well. Some civilians around the UK are still wearing masks around shops and NHS is slowly easing its restrictions.

The UK has seen a massive decrease in cases since the beginning of 2021, 2020 was the year where only 5000 cases happened and then that suddenly went up to 100,000 cases a day. Nowadays, there are as few as 8,447 cases in the UK. As of right now, there is no way to discover how many people have actually recovered from Covid-19 and how many still have it. On, it is believed that the UK has still got 518,920 active cases right now!

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With all restrictions gone, it is a lot easier to get in contact with the virus, however with this happening and barely any cases are happening, this shows the vaccine is in fact working and doing extremely well for the UK.

Throughout Covid-19, the UK were trying new ways to combat the virus and allow people to have their own way of life, throughout lockdown, PM Boris Johnsons was trying to ease restrictions as cases went down, however now we can see that living with Covid-19 was the way to go.

Is this still the right choice?

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