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China to Stick with Zero Covid Policy!

China to Stick with Zero Covid Policy!
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China has been under a lot of fire recently with the Zero Covid Policy. Millions of people around China have started to protest against this rule due to the number of lockdowns that are happening. 

China is currently at the worst stage of the pandemic. There is a lot of protesting going on at the minute and a lot of people in China want the rules to change.

The current rule is as follows, China is wanting to have no Covid in their country, due to the number of deaths and issues it has caused over the past few years. Leading them to have lockdowns.

The residents of China have started to get more and more annoyed at the situation at hand. There have been constant protests and more.

Protesting has caused the world leaders of China to come together to talk about the situation at hand, however, this has not done anything due to the fact they are still wanting to keep the zero covid policy!

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