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Covid-19: The Virus of 2020!

Covid-19: The Virus of 2020!
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Covid-19… One of the hardest-hitting viruses of 2020, the modern century. The virus has hit the world very hard and hit everyone terribly. Mental health was at its all-time highest and people were struggling to stay indoors as everyone was mentally and physically with some people too. These are the effects of Covid-19!

Where did Covid-19 start? and How does it starts?

Covid-19 started way back in 2019 in China, however at the time of this starting, Covid-19 was not a big deal, however, it seemingly increased over time and circulated across the world.

After this was detected, China already had 10,000 cases and more soon to come after the virus was easy to contain and it spread within an instant! Covid-19 ended up being so deadly in China, that China ended up going into full lockdown, strict rules and a lot of people ended up going to clean the streets.

This then started to spread all across the world. The UK and US and many more countries across the world suffered from the virus that was named the global pandemic! The UK went into lockdown more times than most places across the world and Boris Johnson had many issues throughout Covid-19.

What made Covid-19 spread across the world?

There was one reason why Covid-19 started to spread across the world. China has an animal market and the way that Covid-19 came about was by someone eating a bat that was infected with a certain virus that managed to come across to humans!

This is what made Covid-19 come across the world and this caused a lot of different things to happen across the world! This made a lot of things go wrong and businesses went downhill.

Covid-19 managed to make China get another hospital to ensure patients get seen! This ensured people in China would get seen!

What happened in the UK to make this such a big deal?

The UK managed to somehow get some of the most infections in the world! Went to extreme lengths to get what they needed to do to get this Covid-19 away and or to stop the spread completely, however, Boris Johnson did not stick to his own rules.

For the first-ever time in the history of Prime Ministers, PM Boris Johnson was fined for breaching laws that he stated to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

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