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China Deactivates Covid Tracking App!

China Deactivates Covid Tracking App!
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China has been having trouble with Covid-19 recently and they have decided to throw away the controversial zero-Covid strategy and rethought how they will cope with Covid-19.

There was a national app that was created to help China understand where Covid is located and where they need to lock down.

The Covid-19 rule stated that they would lock down and restrict everything if there were too many cases found.

Due to the amount of protesting, there was a huge issue with the rules that China then in turn had to change as there were a lot of protesting.

China is now experiencing a surge in Covid cases, with authorities in Beijing saying more than 22,000 patients had visited hospitals across the city on Sunday – 16 times the number a week earlier. State the BBC!

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Covid-19 was a massive pandemic that shocked the world, starting out in Wuhan, China, and ending up going around the world and nearly infecting everyone in its way, however, nowadays there is a lot of stuff to do to avoid being infected and even protection from Covid-19.

So far, the UK is doing fine throughout the living with Covid plan, the NHS is not as overwhelmed as it once was, however, there are a lot of issues surrounding the A&E part.

China, on the other hand, is still suffering from Covid and will soon change this.

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