How to Build a Den

How to Build a Den

How to build a den: A beginners guide to Den-building

It’s that time of year again when we get out into the great outdoors with our kids. Whether you’re thinking about building your own den or just want to enjoy some fresh air, here are a few tips to help you create an incredible play space for your family!

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Don’t forget to look after nature.

The environment is essential. You should respect it, and that means not littering and taking care of the plants and wildlife in your local park. If you see someone throwing rubbish on the ground, tell them off! And if they’re hurting a tree or flower, make sure to stop them!

When Building a den in nature, you need to be extra careful of the plants, trees and wildlife around you. Be very mindful that when you are den-building that you could be disturbing natural habitat. So don’t cause damage, and make sure to clear up after yourself once you are done.

Natural Den-Building Materials

The materials you’ll need to build a den are:

  • Sticks and branches
  • Leaves
  • Grass, moss and soil/clay

That’s right. It can be that simple! Just a few items to start your journey to become a professional den-builder.

Making a Teepee Style Den

A Teepee style den is perfect for beginners and is simple to make as long as you can find the resources. The easiest way to build one requires a tree with a fork as your starting point to act as your anchor.

A Teepee den

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  1. Find a tree with a fork in the branches that’s relatively low down.
  2. Make a frame by propping some long, straight sticks in the fork and fanning them out. Make sure all the branches are secure – you don’t want them slipping.
  3. Weave bendy sticks in and out of the upright sticks to make the walls. Leave a gap at head height for a window.
  4. Cover your den with natural materials, so it’s camouflaged and weatherproof. You could use mud to stick them on.
  5. Scatter a carpet of dried leaves on the floor to make your den extra cosy.

Make a tent-style Den.

Making a tent-style den can be a little more challenging as you need two trees with forks close together to place a branch horizontally unless you can find a tree that has a horizontal growth like the below.

tent style tree den

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  1. Find two forked trees that are close together and place a long stick between them.
  2. Prop a row of sticks against it on each side, so you end up with a tent shape.
  3. Weave your bendy sticks in and out of the upright and add your plant materials.

Buy a Den Making Kit

There are some excellent den-building kits without wanting to disturb nature or if you want to build a den in an area that lacks natural resources, or even in your Garden

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About the Kit

Encourage your children to discover the great outdoors with this Original Den Kit. The kit comes with everything they will need to create their very own waterproof den. Including a Haversack Bag, Camouflage tarpaulin, Groundsheet, Mallet, Mug, Face paint, Rope, Tent pegs, Tent peg bag and instructions on how to build the den, they will have hours of fun learning how to survive in the wild.

Key Features:

  • Den kit that packs away into a bag
  • Includes: Haversack Bag, Camouflage tarpaulin, Groundsheet, Mallet, Mug, Face paint, Rope, Tent pegs, Tent peg bag and Instructions

Enjoy the Outdoors

Playing outside is one of the best ways to bond with your children. It’s also good for them to get fresh air and exercise, which helps them stay healthy. If you have a yard that can be used for playing in, then you have everything you need for an outdoor den. Whether it’s a sandbox or treehouse, your kids will have so much fun exploring the outdoors!

Make the Most of Nature

Building a den is a great way to get your kids out of the house and into nature. Not only are they learning about nature, but they’ll also be having fun doing it! The best part is that you can build many different types of dens with different materials and styles. Whether you’re looking for something simple like an indoor tent or something more elaborate like a teepee-style den, there should be one here for everyone!

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