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Pogba to Miss the World Cup!

Pogba to Miss the World Cup!

Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba will now miss out on the World Cup due to an injury that he is going through right now. 

Paul Pogba, one of the best French players in the world, is set to miss out on the world cup due to a knee injury.

The knee injury is very serious at the moment in time due to Pogba needing to have an operation to make sure he is fully fit.

Pogba has not played for his new team since the beginning of rejoining the Series A team from Manchester United.

Image Credit: Stanislav Vedmid

“Following yesterday’s and today’s medical review in Torino and Pittsburgh, it is extremely painful to inform Paul Pogba will still need recovery time from his surgery.

“For this reason, Paul will not be able to join Juventus’ squad before the World Cup break nor the French national team in Qatar.” said in a statement about Pogba.

France is starting to lose a lot of talented players. Could this be the end of the road for France until the next world cup?

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