World Cup 2022

England: How We Think the World Cup Could Go!

England: How We Think the World Cup Could Go!

The World Cup is almost here, the time that every single Football fan has been waiting for is almost upon us, the World Cup! England are the team that every fan in the UK will be routing for, here is our prediction from the group stages!

How We Think the World Cup Could Go!

World Cup for England

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England v Iran – GS match 1

This match will be one sided, maybe that one sided that Iran won’t score a goal against the English team.

Predicting 4-0 to England on this one as they will be saving players for the upcoming matches to ensure fitness.

England v USA – GS Match 2

This one will be a difficult one. USA have some top quality players and could cause issues for England, however we believe that England will beat USA.

Predicting 3-1 to England during this contest, due to their performance in the Euro’s.

England v Wales – GS Match 3

This one could be a tough one for England as Wales are known to be full of surprises. With the likes of Bale and more.

This could go either way, however predicting 1-0 England.

Topping the group and moving on into the round of 16.

England v Senegal – Round of 16!

The runners up in group A in my opinion will be Senegal as group A has only got Netherlands as the main issues.

This could be a hard game for England with Mane being apart of Senegal, however they would pull through and win.

Predicting 2-0!

England v France – Quarter Final!

This is the game that I predict England will lose, having a strong start and showing heart and soul to reach this far, to be knocked out by France.

Predicting 2-1 France and or going into extra time with Mbappe scoring the winner.

I think this could be what happens however this is just a prediction as we have seen that England has had a great run in the World Cup and the Euro’s the past few times.

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