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The Resident! Season 2 Episode 1!

The Resident! Season 2 Episode 1!

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The episode start with a case on a new born who needs a serious operation in order to breath it’s a very high case and Mina is going to be there and she is explaining it to Mikah.

We then see a complete power outrage in the middle of surgery and everywhere in the hospital Conrad was quick to go make sure everything was okay before telling a nurse he’s going to the basement to check everything okay.

We watch as Dr Austin and Mina continue the surgery on backup power the best they could meanwhile the mother was freaking our and Dr Bell is force to evacuate part of the hospital.

We watch as it wasn’t the storm messing with hospital it was an actual cyber attack and it turns out the security that in the hospital wasn’t upgraded enough to stop the attack.

A young comes in and he is on the verge of death and Conrad is forced to make his own OR. Bell offers to help and they do there best to save the boys life. We only find out it someone within Chastain is actually damaging the hospital and turns out it a young girl who hates how hospital bills ruin people.

We find out that new born surgery was a success even with the power outage and it was amazing to see that in action.

The Review

This episode was scary to attempting to watch a hospital work in complete darkness and they do it well it was shocking and we got to see just how important each family was as the hospital . We got watch Nic and Conrad relationship get stronger.

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