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The Resident! Season 1, Episode 2! Independence Day!

The Resident! Season 1, Episode 2! Independence Day!

Independence Day

Career day

The episode starts of in a high school where Conrad is having a chance to talk to kids about there possible futures, his teacher gave high praise as he tells the kids ‘ He’s going to be the man who saves my life’ as we find out he has a heart condition that was found early. Conrad give us a small insight into why he became a doctor and the story behind it to help inspire the kids within the room watching and listening to him.

That when suddenly everything take a turn the teacher his heart clearly acting up and Conrad is quick to make sure he will be okay and basically saves his life in front of the kids and using the equipment around the room to make sure he could save what we learn the name of the teacher is Micha.


The episode then goes ahead and just a small time jump to one week later where two of  most important and respected hospital staff are out hunting with what you could call two powerful friends, they take a turn one is shot in the butt while the other seems to be having an almost fatal heart attack.

I’ve got your heart

The next scene shows Nic calling Conrad who finds out they finally found a perfect heart for his patient Micha, Conrad happily gives the news to Micha personally. There was pure joy shown across his patients face and he could finally get a heart transplant.

Independence Day

Conrad gives Devon the full run down of what he needs to do for the day since he’s got his hands full with Micha case alone. This is where Devon has to take action on his own and be a doctor by himself for a whole day with no backup.

Cancelled surgery

As Micha is on his way to surgery, Conrad is pulled away only to find out that the likes of Dr Bell has pulled some string and taken Micha new heart and gave it to someone else as if his patient  dies then that would be a bad press for the hospital as his patient is Congressmen. Nic tries her best to calm Conrad but he was mad and wanted to fight for Micha new heart.


When we see Conrad looking at Micha though the widow to his room he still has yet to tell him he hasn’t got a heart, but Nic and Conrad end up having a moment together where she give him some encouragement reminding him she will always believe in him and that give him even more or a reason to save Micha than before. He didn’t want to have to send him home for a forth time without a heart.

Was it the right call?

Devon is left with a decision that make others want to call for Conrad but Devon insisted he was making the right call and decided to rush a patient that we met early on in the episode ( the one shot in the buttocks) for emergency surgery.

Devon First Medical error

Chloe from episode one make a second appearance showing her on life support and she was confirmed by the hospital to be brain dead, however they found another heart for Micha and Chloe was match however without her mother pulling her daughter of life support they can’t get access to her other organs that could save many lives it was what some people would call painful to Devon.

Forcing Dr Bell

As the episode moves on Conrad forces Dr Bell hand into getting Chloe mother to agree to donate the organs. Dr Bell is furious knowing that Conrad did something however Dr Bell knowns he can get something out of what Conrad had done and that was to get Mina to work with Dr Bell to stop him for messing up the surgery on the Congress men.

Both surgery successful

Both surgery’s are shown taking place and how they both got carried out with huge success, you could see the joy in Conrad eyes when Micha heart was transplanted and how the surgery where both carried out flawlessly. You also got to see first hand just how talented Mina was as a surgeon

The Review

The Resident didn’t once falter in showing a well carried out and interesting episode, I found it so enjoyable to watch seeing the mountains of different stories unfold as I watched it was truly entertaining. Seeing both the busy life of the doctors from the sadness in some  cases and then pure joy at the success stories. However, also watching the how the lies and strings that can be pulled makes it even more enjoyable to watch.




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