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Sony to Consider Spiderman 2099!

Sony to Consider Spiderman 2099!

After the success of Spiderman No Way Home, Marvel and Sony have considered a lot more projects with all three Spiderman’s. There has been many rumours surrounding the return of Andrew Garfield, Tobey Maguire and even a new and more advanced Spiderman in the year 2099. Nothing has been confirmed but there has been rumours of this Spiderman happening. Comic accurate too. No one has been casted for this part at all and more than likely be a time where he is already Spiderman and has already got all the advanced suits.

This may happen in the future of the MCU and Sony universe, however there is not telling when they will want to create a new Spiderman movie around a new and improved Spiderman from the year 2099. Tom Holland is yet to state if he will continue wearing the suit, however there has been rumours of him agreeing to make another 3 movies under Sony and Marvel.

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Most recent movie coming out that could include a new Spiderman is Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness. Tobey is rumoured to appear… Will we see another Spiderman?


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