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Real or Fake? Octopus Fitting Through Small Hole?

Real or Fake? Octopus Fitting Through Small Hole?

The ocean is a very weird and wonderful place, with endless amounts of creatures that we have and haven’t discovered. Some incredible creatures have amazing talents. Some may have none at all and that makes them very unique, others have a massive talent that can help them in dangerous situations or just in general help them through their very own life span. Other can just swim, get caught or survive and then that’s it for them, however the human race is discovering more about the sea life. On the other hand, some videos or pictures of these strange encounters are fake… Is this one fake?

This video claims to show a real life Octopus managing to be able to fit through a small gap… This is strange due to the Octopus being more than half the size of the actual gap. It’s not the strangest thing I’ve seen, but it is weird to how they can fit through that, maybe its fake! The video was posted to the YouTube shorts side of YouTube with some verified content creators posting it on YouTube, like this one called Rumble Viral. They are known for posting real videos. The video could be real, however the likely-hood maybe slim as to me that seem impossible.

The video that claims to show an Octopus going through a small space has been looked into, one small google search can reveal that this video is in fact real! Finally we have found a real video! Nothing can be said about what I originally thought as I believed when I first saw this to be fake, but in fact, Animal logic explains that only certain parts of an Octopuses body is hard and solid, which means that an Octopus can in fact go through small spaces that can be an inch in diameter! We have finally found a real! What did you think? For more real or fakes, click here!

Banner and Image Credit: Fida Olga

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