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PS5 Finally Released!

PS5 Finally Released!

The Playstation 5 has finally been announced and fans around the world are getting more and more excited for this console to be fully released. The PS5 has a new controller and a nice white frame, almost similar to some old fashioned Sky boxes. Stands up straight instead of lying flat like the old consoles. This is the design that has been made and fans are loving it. The console will have some games from the ps4 and some new exclusive games as well, but not many fans will be buying this console straight away since the price of this could be very steep!

PlayStation 5 reportedly costs over £400 or over £500. Very normal for a console, however, this is the estimated price of this console, the price may change in time. The console by Sony has said that they have made the fastest console in the world, however, Xbox also makes the same claim, be interesting to see which console goes on top. Both have the same style of design and have a great design. The games have also been confirmed as well, some by EA Sports and some by some other big companies.

FIFA 21 and Madden 21 has been confirmed by EA Sports to be released on the Playstation 5. A lot of great games have been confirmed and a lot of potential in this console has been made, this console will be released before the end of the year like there rivals Mircosoft with there Xbox Series X. Which console will be better?

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