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J D Weston is an English Crime, Thriller and Mystery Author. He was born in London, England. His Writing style is fast-paced and action-packed. He is best known for his hugely successful Stone Cold Thriller series. Before becoming a full-time writer, he worked in construction, in IT, and as a photographer. He spent the last decade of his career living in Dubai before moving back to the UK, where he now lives with his wife in rural Lincolnshire.

Harvey Stone is also the central character of The Stone Cold Thriller series, a 12-book long tale of crime and revenge that spans continents and shapes compelling characters that keep readers turning the pages. Somewhere in the middle of writing the Harvey Stone sagas, he penned three books that feature ex-special forces operative Frankie Black. Dishonourably discharged from service for a crime he did not commit, the widower makes his way through life doing what the army taught him to do best – finding missing people.

His latest work, The Harvey Stone series, hit the top #100 in Amazon and is still going strong, with more books planned for release in 2021. The British detective crime series is, in his own words, his proudest work to date.

If you are looking for a great faced-paced read then Weston is right up your street. If you like to follow a series then the Stone Cold Series is the best place to start. Weston is great at no-nonsense writing and doesn't just write to fill a hole, every word builds into the story.  He does very well at not letting a huge amount of personal opinions through and is generally politically neutral sometimes leaning to the right.

Overall a Great Novelist and worth the time and effort.



By this Author


Alaskan Adventure Series



1. Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun (2017)


When Sonny leaves home to discover the new world, he has no idea of the terrible things that man has done to the country. Desperate to return to his home in Alaska, the world takes him on an incredible journey, further and further away from his goal.



2. From the Ocean to the Stream (2017)


When two Alaskan families meet in the wilderness, little do they know that not all the predators have fur.

Hunted by a psychopath, the families endure the hardest winter yet with a killer on their doorstep that threatens to tear them apart one by one.



Stone Cold Thriller Series

1. Stone Cold (2018)



2. Stone Fury (2018)



3. Stone Fall (2018)

4. Stone Rage (2018)



5. Stone Free (2018)



6. Stone Rush (2018)

7. Stone Game (2018)



8. Stone Raid (2018)



9. Stone Deep (2018)

10. Stone Fist (2018)



11. Stone Army (2019)



12. Stone Face (2019)


Frankie Black Files

1. Torn in Two (2019)

Emma Fletcher is special. She is every mothers’ dream and a picture of perfection. But when Emma is kidnapped on an idyllic family holiday, her captors force her to undergo a terrible transformation… to discard her innocence and embrace a darker side of her that she never knew existed.

When the reality of her circumstances is made clear, and her life hangs by a thread, Emma is faced with just two choices – to embrace her new persona and forget her past, or fight for the girl she used to be, no matter the cost.

But after her daring escape plan is foiled, all seems lost. She is taken aboard a luxury yacht, destined for a Mediterranean island and she is promised a life she could have only dreamed of.

Will Emma resurface and fight for her life? Or will her dark side live on, and embrace her newfound wealth? And will Emma forever remain Torn in two?


2. Her Only Hope (2019)


Hope Gilmour was born bad. Cruel blood runs through her veins, and she is loathed even by her family.

But when her boyfriend is killed during a romantic picnic, Hope is abducted and dragged away by a strange man. Little does she know; her life is about to change forever.

In the cold depths of an underground bunker, Hope must face her demons. She must contemplate the terrible things she has done – redemption is her only hope.

Bound with chains and blinded by darkness, she prepares for her fate, until a chance discovery changes everything - she’s not alone.

Will Hope find light in the darkest of places? Can she sacrifice her past to discover the truth?


3. Black Blood (2020)


Frankie Black will never forgive his father. Not after Isaac Black implicated him in crimes that earned him a dishonorable discharge from the British Special Forces. Since Isaac went to prison, Frankie has worked hard to create a new life for his young son. But when his father secures an unscrupulous early release, Frankie's fatherhood takes a terrifying left turn…

As Isaac aims to finish the gangland assassination that got him sent to prison, Frankie's child is kidnapped as a pawn in a much bigger war. With the seconds ticking down, the former soldier's only shot to save his son may mean killing his own father…

Black Blood is a standalone action thriller featuring ex-special forces hero, Frankie Black. If you like nonstop action, military heroes, and gut-wrenching choices, then you’ll love USA Today bestselling author, J.D. Weston’s full-throttle saga.


Harvey Stone Series


1. The Silent Man (2020)


When a missing teenager, Jennifer Standing is found, and a man is arrested at the scene, she becomes the only survivor in an ongoing serial killer investigation led by Detective Inspector Matthew Myers. Close to breaking point, the faces of the victims haunt his every waking moment. But finally, he has the killer in custody.

However, with a lack of substantial evidence, and a suspect who refuses to speak, Myers is forced to let the killer walk free – a move that will push him to the very edge of sanity.

But when another girl is abducted, and Jennifer Standing reveals new evidence, one fact becomes terrifyingly clear… the killer is taunting him, and he won’t stop until Myers is destroyed.

The Silent Man is the first book in the brand-new British crime thriller series from USA Today bestselling author, J.D. Weston.


2. The Spider's Web (2020)


When a serial killer takes his next victim and evades arrest for the third time, a police leak is suspected. An internal investigation is launched, and Detective Inspector Mark Debruin is identified as the lead suspect.

However, with his dying daughter awaiting a transplant in hospital, and a prison sentence hanging over him, Debruin can ill-afford to waste time. He has just one chance to prove his innocence and to save his daughter - he must find the killer before it’s too late.

But, with every step he takes, he uncovers a web of blackmail, lies and murder. He can trust nobody, not even his partner. The only way forward is to enter the web.

Hunted by the police, and with his daughter’s time running out, Debruin must pick his way through the killer’s victims to discover the truth before he strikes again – But little does he know, the truth will destroy him and everyone he loves.

Set in the grimy back streets of London, this British detective novel is a roller-coaster ride of murder, mystery, and suspense, laced with cruel twists that will keep you turning the pages.

The Spider’s Web is the second novel in the brand-new British crime thriller series from award-winning crime writer J.D. Weston. If you enjoy TV crime shows such as The Line of Duty, The Fall, or Luther, or if you read books by JD Kirk, Stuart MacBride, and Peter James, then you will love J.D. Weston’s page-turning crime series.


3. The Mercy Kill (2021)


When Harvey Stone betrays his foster-father, John Cartwright, by failing to carry out one of his bloody requests, a series of events unfold, opening doors to the past that should have remained closed for eternity. A killer is awoken, and his sights are set on revenge.

Racked with guilt, Harvey takes one last glance at the house where he and sister grew up before turning his back on the family that raised him, setting a course to find his sister’s killer. Little does he know, his betrayal has endangered everyone he loves, and that glance may have been his last.

But his fragile state of mind leads him into a bloodbath. Surrounded by police, he has just two options - run and live like the rats that he hunts, or face his demons and return to make amends. The question is, are any of his family still alive?

The Mercy Kill is the third book in the brand-new crime thriller series from J.D. Weston, author of the Stone Cold Thriller series and the Frankie Black Files. Perfect for fans of David Baldacci, Lee Child and Michael Connelly.



4. The Savage Few (2021)

Coming October 2021




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