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Line of Duty is a British Police Drama that is published by the BBC. The show is centred around the Anti-Corruption department known as AC-12. This department heads investigations in crimes committed by Police officers. Line of Duty follows DS Steve Arnott, DC Kate Flemming and DSI Ted Hastings.

The show was first aired in on the 26th June 2012 on BBC Two and was hit immediately with a consolidated 4.1 Million viewers. The Show won the Royal Television Society, and Broadcasting Press Guild Awards for Best Drama Series.

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Line of Duty follows AC-12 – the Anti-Corruption Unit of the fictional territory of the Central Police Force. Their Role is to investigate public servants within the police force where any sign of corruption is present. The overarching Plot throughout the lifetime of the show is AC-12 discovering relationships between organised Crime Groups and Serving Police Officers.

There are three main characters that the series focuses on, DS Steve Arnott, DC Kate Flemming and their superior DSI Ted Hastings.

Arnott transferred to AC-12 after he refused to corroborate with a coverup of a shooting of an innocent member of the public during a raid on a suspected terrorist property. Flemming, initially a detective constable, is a chameleon when it comes to infiltrating other police units undercover in order to investigate suspects from the inside.  Hastings recruited both Arnott and Flemming due to their skills and integrity, Hastings was once a member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary in Nothern Island.

The show is full of twists and turns that send shockwaves through the storyline. Available on BBC iPlayer the programme is binge-worthy and in fact hard not to.

Line of Duty Main Cast

Martin Compston – as Detective Inspector Steve Arnott

Vicky McClure – as Detective Inspector Kate Fleming

Adrian Dunbar – as Superintendent Ted Hastings

Line Of Duty Secondary Cast

Craig Parkinson – as Detective Inspector Matthew “Dot” Cottan

Lennie James – as Detective Chief Inspector Anthony “Tony” Gates

Keeley Hawes – as Detective Inspector Lindsay Denton

Daniel Mays – as Sergeant Danny Waldron

Thandiwe Newton – as Detective Chief Inspector Roseanne “Roz” Huntley

Stephen Graham – as Detective Sergeant John Corbett

Anna Maxwell Martin – as Detective Chief Superintendent Patricia Carmichael

Kelly Macdonald – as acting Detective Superintendent Joanne Davidson

Line of Duty Supporting Cast

Brian McCardie as Thomas “Tommy” Hunter (series 1–2)
Neil Morrissey as DC Nigel Morton (series 1–3)
Nigel Boyle as DI/DCI/DSU Ian Buckells (series 1, 4, 6)
Paul Higgins as CS/ACC Derek Hilton (series 1, 4)
Elliot Rosen (series 1) and Tommy Jessop (series 5–6) as Terry Boyle
Tomi May as Miroslav Minkowicz (series 1, 5)
Gregory Piper as PC Ryan Pilkington (series 1, 5–6)
Owen Teale as Chief Inspector/Chief Constable Phillip Osbourne (series 1, 6)
Tony Pitts as DCS Lester Hargreaves (series 2, 4, 5)
Christina Chong as DS/DI Nicola Rogerson (series 2, 6)
Andrea Irvine as Roisin Hastings (series 2, 5)
Maya Sondhi as PC Maneet Bindra (series 3–5)
Aiysha Hart as DS Sam Railston (series 3–5)
Polly Walker as Gill Biggeloe, special counsel to the police and crime commissioner (series 3, 5)
George Costigan as former CS Patrick Fairbank (series 3, 6)
Patrick FitzSymons as DCI Mark Moffatt (series 4–5)
Patrick Baladi as Jimmy Lakewell (series 4, 6)
Anneika Rose as PC/PS Farida Jatri (series 4, 6)
Ace Bhatti as Police and Crime Commissioner Rohan Sindwhani (series 5–6)
Elizabeth Rider as Deputy Chief Constable Andrea Wise (series 5–6)
Amy De Bhrún as Steph Corbett (series 5–6)
Rosa Escoda as Amanda Yao (series 5–6)[17] Alastair Natkiel as Lee Banks (series 5–6)

Line of Duty Series 1

Supporting cast

Gina McKee as Jackie Laverty
Kate Ashfield as Jools Gates
Heather Craney as DCI Alice Prior
Lauren O’Rourke as Keely Pilkington
Marie Critchley as Jane Hargreaves
Alison Lintott as Rita Bennett
Claire Keelan as DS Leah Janson
Faraz Ayub as DC Deepak Kapoor
Fiona Boylan as PC Karen Larkin
Neet Mohan as PC Simon Bannerjee
Darren Morfitt as Sergeant Colin Brackley
Shaun Mason as Lee


  1. “A Disastrous Affair”
  2. “The Assault”
  3. “In the Trap”
  4. “Terror”
  5. “The Probation”

Line of Duty Series 2

Supporting Cast

Mark Bonnar as DCC Mike Dryden
Steve Toussaint as CS Mallick
Sacha Dhawan as DS Manish Prasad
Richard Huw as Nick Robson
David Maybrick as Sergeant Alex Wallis
Allison McKenzie as DS Jayne Akers
Antonio Magro as PC Vincent Butler
Niall Macgregor as Richard Akers
Michael Nardone as Sergeant O’Neill
Chetna Pandya as New Jo
Henry Pettigrew as DC Jeremy Cole
Jessica Raine as DC Georgia Trotman
Charlotte Spencer as Carly Kirk
Liz White as Jo Dwyer


  1. “The Ambush”
  2. “Carly”
  3. “Behind Bars”
  4. “Blood Money”
  5. “Last Words”
  6. “The Caddy”

Line of Duty Series 3

Supporting Cast

Arsher Ali as PC Harinderpal “Hari” Bains
Leanne Best as PC Jackie Brickford
Will Mellor as PC Rod Kennedy
Lisa Palfrey as Inspector Tracey McAndrew
Shaun Parkes as CS Terry Reynolds
Mandana Jones as Superintendent Summers
Jonas Armstrong as Joe Nash


  1. “Monsters”
  2. “The Process”
  3. “Snake Pit”
  4. “Negative Pressure”
  5. “The List”
  6. “Breach”

Line of Duty Series 4

Supporting cast

Royce Pierreson as DC Jamie Desford
Jason Watkins as FC Tim Ifield
Claudia Jessie as DC Jodie Taylor
Mark Stobbart as DS Neil Twyler
Vineeta Rishi as FC Rupal Pandit
Lee Ingleby as Nick Huntley
Gaite Jansen as Hana Reznikova
Scott Reid as Michael Farmer


  1. “In the Shadow of the Truth”
  2. “Who Sows the Wind”
  3. “In the Trap”
  4. “Moral Superiority”
  5. “Lying Nest”
  6. “Royal Hunting Ground”

Line of Duty Series 5

Supporting Cast

Rochenda Sandall as Lisa McQueen
Taj Atwal as PC Tatleen Sohota
Susan Vidler as Det Supt Alison Powell
Sian Reese-Williams as Sergeant Jane Cafferty
Richard Pepple as Sergeant Kyle Ferringham
Maanuv Thiara as Vihaan Malhotra
Laura Elphinstone as DI Michelle Brandyce
Natalie Gavin as Sergeant Martina “Tina” Tranter


  1. “Operation Pear Tree”
  2. “The Head of Medusa”
  3. “Code Zero”
  4. “The Betrayal”
  5. “On Your Own”
  6. “The Intrigue”

Line of Duty Series 6

Supporting cast

Shalom Brune-Franklin as DC Chloe Bishop
Perry Fitzpatrick as DS Chris Lomax
Kwaku Fortune as DS Marks
Sherise Blackman as PS Ruby Jones
Tara Divina as PC Lisa Patel
Andi Osho as Gail Vella
Prasanna Puwanarajah as Nadaraja
Sara Dylan as Boyle’s solicitor
Kerri McLean as Deborah Devereux
James Nesbitt as Marcus Thurwell


  1. Name to be Confirmed
  2. Name to be Confirmed
  3. Name to be Confirmed
  4. Name to be Confirmed
  5. Name to be Confirmed
  6. Name to be Confirmed
  7. Name to be Confirmed

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FAQ about Line Of Duty

Who are the main cast/actors in Line of Duty?

The Main Cast members of Line of Duty are; Martin Compston - as Detective Inspector Steve Arnott Vicky McClure - as Detective Inspector Kate Fleming Adrian Dunbar - as Superintendent Ted Hastings

How many episodes are there in Line of Duty?

There are currently 6 series of the BBC Show Line of Duty, totalling 35 episodes.

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