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How clean are the Greens?

How clean are the Greens?

Another exclusive scoop by the ‘I Wish That Was The News’ Newsdesk at Five Minutes Spare!

Just how clean are the Greens? Turns out that the only parliamentary constituency in the UK with a Green Party MP, which also has the most elected green councillors of any local council in the country is amongst the worst at recycling. According to the latest government figures Brighton & Hove City Council is in the bottom 10% of local authorities for the recycling or composting of waste materials. The town only managed to recycle 29% of its rubbish in 2017 – 18, while the average for the UK was 45%.

The best-performing council in the UK was the East Riding of Yorkshire, which managed to recycle 65 percent of its waste. When the ‘I Wish That Was The News’ undercover roving reporter, asked Green MP and ex-party leader Caroline Lucas, for comment, she replied, ‘’Sorry I don’t know what’s going on! I have to admit I don’t get out of my ivory tower much these days. I’m usually too busy, as I have to keep my glasshouse clean.’’


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