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Dead by Daylight! The Wraith

Dead by Daylight! The Wraith

The Wraith is one of the 25 killers in the game currently and he was one of the first three trio that was added into the game. He was first released as original killer back on the 14th June 2016.

The Wraith is a stealth killer and has the ability to cloak and uncloak himself while he rings his Wailing Bell, just like any other killer he has three personal perks and them perks are Predator, Bloodhound and Shadowborn this give him the skills to be a much more effective killer in terms of hunting down survivors and being able to locate them. His main roll is to be able to track, hunt and kill with ease, he has a difficulty rating of intermediate due to how much time and effort it takes to use him to his best ability.


Philip Ojomo had came to a new country with nothing but he carried the hope of a new beginning, He was overjoyed when he got offered a job at a Auto haven Wreckers. It was a very small scrap yard where the cops were bribed and would turn a blind eye for some odd things that would take place. However, Philip didn’t care, he hadn’t seen any of this criminal activity up close and personal in his homeland and as long as he didn’t get involved he would just leave things be for the meantime. All he really did was mend the cars and tend to the crushers. This was something he was really good at, a went in and a small, metallic cube came out.

It wasn’t until one dismal day, that by accident he saw blood leaking from one of the uncrushed cars, this lead him to open the trunk of the car. This lead him to make the disturbing discovery of a young man tied up and eyes filled with pure panic. He freed the man who only managed to run 10 feet before being stopped by Philp’s boss and had his neck slit. Philp then demanded answers, this leads him to find out something horrific that the whole time he had working there, he had been responsible for many deaths  and he was a simple executioner as basically any car he had crushed had a body inside and that is was a service the scrap yard had provided for certain clients.

This then sent Philip into a rage of passion and he snapped, he took hold of his boss and with a strong throw he put him into the crusher and slowly let the claws of crusher enclose around his boss making his death slow and painful, but his bosses head stuck out. Philip took hold of his head ripped his spine out of his body. He then simply disappeared and was never seen again.





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