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Dead by Daylight! The Trapper!

Dead by Daylight! The Trapper!

The Trapper is one of the first Killers introduced into the popular game known as Dead by Daylight, he one of the 25 Killers in the game and he was one of trio that was released back in 2016 on the 14th of June when the game was released.

The trapper is a Killer that is very much a area control type killer as he is able to provide so much pressure across the map by using his power which is bear trap on the floor which survivors can walk into. Just like any other killer he has three personal perks and they are Unnerving Presence, Brutal Strength and Agitation. This type of perk set up allows him to hunt down survivors and carry them effectively.

This killer has been given an easy skill rating due to how long it takes to learn him and how much effort is required to learn him.


The trapper who was formally known as Evan MacMillan who was a man that idolised his father, it wasn’t influenced about him being a heir to a big fortune, it was by how his father ran the estate. Evan was a boy who was raised by a firm hand and this lead Evan to run the work force with a iron hand and the production was always high on the MacMillan Estate and it prospered under both Evan and his Father’s hand.

His father was called Archie and as his mental health slowly but surely started to disintegrate, like the loyal son he was Evan protected him from the swarms of people who were after a part of his fortune and no matter what his father would request of him he would always obey and do as he was asked.

When Archie finally reached his breaking point, Evan became an unstoppable force that would lead to what was known as one of the worse mass murder known in the modern history. They could never prove that Evan was the cause of over hundred of men painful and horrible deaths down in the dark tunnels of the mines on the Macmillan estate. They could prove he was the one who had detonated explosion that seal every single person fate that day. The story that haunts the estates speaks on how both wealth and power can go very very wrong.

No body will ever know how many victims fell by both Evan and his father hand, there was never a record made of it and what was left to become as Evan himself. His father however was just an puzzled that was left unsolved and he was found trapped in a basement and locked down in his own warehouse starved and left for dead.

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