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Dead by Daylight! Claudette Morel!

Dead by Daylight! Claudette Morel!

Claudette Morel is one of 28 survivors that is currently released within the game known as Dead by Daylight. She is also one of the first out of the survivors that originally came to the game, so that was all the way back on the 14th of June 2016.

Claudette role within the game is basically the support as she is a studious Botanist and is able to help boost the survivability of her team as well as her own. Just like any survivor, she has three personal perks and they are Empathy, Botany Knowledge and Self Care. These combinations of perks allow her to pick out injured teammates within the trail and heal them and also herself extremely effectively. She has the difficulty rating of easy and this is simply based of her using her Unique Perks.


From the first-ever day Claudette was gifted a science kit from her parents she became hooked and grew a strong love for experiments. With this being the main focus from a young age she was able to obtain an early scholarship at a great college. It was an extremely important decision to leave Montreal, on the other hand, the chance was simply too good to miss. Claudette naturally introverted nature means that things such as chatrooms and forums were her main and best way to get any social interactions. Within this, she found an activity that she grew to love and that was to answer botany questions for others under the name online as Science Girl.

On one faithful evening, Claudette was on a very long bus ride back to the city, she made the decision to go for stroll only for that to change her life. It only took a minute for her to be completely lost and surrounded by thick woodlands. She never found her way out and it took a week for her forum to only start to wonder where she was her posts came to a cold stop.

Claudette was not an outgoing type, her intelligence left her in a state of social handicap and she only would flee from the real world to chat in chatrooms and forums. The stuff she learned like Botany filled her life however she still yearns for something else and that won’t come by modem. Being thrown headfirst into a real-life situation was awkward and forced however she had adapted well to shut out the world. This darkness slowly consumed her and was left around plants and trees. These simple things might be able to save a life she hid among them and her knowledge and skills shined as the darkness roamed around her freely.


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