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Arcane! Season 1 Episode 8!

Arcane! Season 1 Episode 8!

Oil and Water

The episode begin showing an insight into Mel pass and at the moment she was abandoned by her family or more so her own mother. When she was made to either kill someone or not however she saw pity on young girl she didn’t want to kill a young girl it her mother did it for her.  It was nightmare that she woke up from.

We then get brought to Caitlyn and Vi, Vi taking her to safety and then her beginning to go back for Jinx however it was too late Silco had found her and see she had the gemstone so take her to safety.

In the next scene we then see the aftermath of the fights from the explosion which Jinx had caused, We then get brought to Caitlyn and Vi. Caitlyn getting brought home when her mother kicks the door open while pointing a gun at them. She relaxes seeing Caitlyn and then asks for a private word with her after calling Vi a stray.

Caitlyn was being patched up and she end up arguing with her mother wanting to set thing right but her mother was reluctant however her father steps in saying that she would need some rest. She give in and set up meeting for her.

Silco then goes to the same scientist that Victor went to in order to save Jinx life and he was determined to save her life.

We then get brought to Mel meeting her mother after the first time in years, her mother gives her the news of her brother dying  but then mentions about the weapons and Mel becomes mad with her mother since she was one for being in war.

We are then brought to Vi and Caitlyn, Caitlyn first entering the room and she tells her about the council and makes a comment about her work and they seem to have heart to heart learning about each other and there past.

We then see the painful process Jinx goes though and then Silco waking up demanding where Jinx is.

We are brought back to Ekko who is recovering from his injuries.

Caitlyn and Vi are now in the council meeting explaining about everything  and Vi ended up walking out and Caitlyn chases after wanting to keep working together but Vi says ‘Oil and water wasn’t meant to be’ This shows the clear pain on Caitlyn face.

Jayce begins to work more on Hextec gear and Vi pays him a visit he then uses Caitlyn against him and they agree to take out Silco shimmer supply and they do it hard and fast wanting to put an end to him once and for all.

However after all the fighting was he couldn’t do it no more a kid had died and that hurt him too much to continue the fight anymore meanwhile Caitlyn was having flashbacks of Vi leaving and it clearly hurt her she then steps out of the shower and Jinx was seen in the back ground.

The Review

This episode was one to pull at your heart string there was so much there was so much happening that could really hurt you so many characters went though so much sadness and many thing just continued to cause more and more hurt, there was also more action wars fighting it was amazing. This is something that makes the series so overwhelming.

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