What Happened To Johnnie Joe Herrera?

Herrera was last seen at a bachelor party in the 700 block of west Cedar Street in Oxnard, California on August 27, 1971.
Someone later thought they’d seen him at the McDonald’s restaurant on Saviers Road that he often went to, but this sighting was unconfirmed. He has never been heard from again.

His light blue 1969 Volkswagen Beetle with the California license plate number ZWM775, disappeared with him and has never been located. Herrera was married at the time of his disappearance and had a baby son. He wasn’t unhappy with his life and his loved ones can’t think of any reason why he would leave.

Herrera’s wife and son moved to Texas after his disappearance, and she remarried and had more children. His twin brother had him declared legally dead in 1978. Herrera is one of seven children, and his identical twin brother still lives in Oxnard. It was actually his brother who reported him missing. They were very close and it’s uncharacteristic of Herrera to leave without telling his brother where he was going.

Information courtesy of the Charley Project. 

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