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Ted Bundy: The American Killer!

Ted Bundy: The American Killer!

Ted Bundy is well known nowadays after a movie that was created with Zac Efron playing the infamous killer. The movie was called Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile and this movie went through the life of Ted Bundy and what happened throughout his time alive.

He was born in 1946 and had a difficult childhood to say the least. He had a strained relationship with his stepfather, which made him very shy around new people, which was one of the reasons why he was targeted for bullying in school.

Ted Bundy was known for being very intelligent, this was what got him through his school years. He had a very successful college career and managed to develop a seemingly normal relationship with many women throughout.

Dispute the normality and the seemingly normal college life, he had a massive issue. He was sexually assaulting and killing young girls all around Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Utah and Florida, all in the space between 1974 and 1978.

He was not found out quickly however, there was reported 28 deaths due to Bundy, however their has been estimates that Ted Bundy lied about this and his has murdered more than 100 girls in his time alive, just none of been found. Other than the 25-35 found via Police investigations.

In 1979, he was found guilty of murdering 2 college girls and was sentenced to death, however he managed to escape and was then sentenced to death again after killing an 12 year old girl and was later killed via the electric chair in 1989.

His life was not at all what it seemed as he was in a relationship with a girl at this point while going out and killing all of these innocent people.

The American born killer was trying to appeal his case, as he was training to be a law student at the time of him getting caught. There was a number of people supporting Bundy as their was a chance he was innocent throughout these years. He made statements after statement. Was proven guilty after one major issue was found that lead him to his death in 1989.

At the time of his execution, Ted Bundy confessed to all of his crimes that he committed throughout his life. Managing to confess to only 30 murders, however the real number is unknown as their is no evidence that proves Ted Bundy killed more people throughout his time.

In the Alcatraz East Crime Museum however, you will be able to go and visit Ted Bundy’s Volkswagen that was the reason he was caught as the victim that survived the attack remembered Ted having that exact Volkswagen.

According to investigators, the reason he was found out was due to the discovery of one of his victims hair was in his car, and the use of him paying for gasoline on the day of her disappearance, with a number of people saying they witnessed him and her being at that hotel together. Later he went on trail about that day.

Strange to think that someone that seemed to innocent could do all these crimes, the reason he ended up being the biggest name in history, is due to him appealing and doing the law on his own.

A massive name in the history book and a massive name for everything he did, a famous killer for the wrong reasons!

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