What Happened To Sherri Truesdale?

What Happened To Sherri Truesdale?
Sherri Truesdale left her home on Pitt Street in Winston-Salem, North Carolina at 11:30 a.m. on June 13, 1970, and rode the bus to the mall. She never returned to her family’s residence and has not been heard from again. This remains one of the Counties greatest mysteries.
Sherri Truesdale

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People who knew her described Sherri Truesdale as a quiet, studious girl. She had won a scholarship to attend a summer fine-arts program at Mount Tabor High School and one of the reasons she went to the mall was to buy school supplies. She also planned to buy doughnuts for her older sister and make payments on her mother’s charge account at Rayless Department Store. She was last seen by a clerk at the department store at 4:30 p.m.

Her parents reported her missing the day after her disappearance when she did not come home and they spent the night searching for her without a result. They thought she may have drowned in one of the creeks at Happy Hill Park, as it rained heavily that night and there was flooding.

Investigators launched a six-week search of the Winston-Salem area but turned up no sign of Sherri. Her case remains unsolved.

Sadly there is too many unsolved disappearances and we keep highlighting these as no one should be forgotten. Information courtesy of The Charley Project. 

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