The Mysterious, And Sad Case Of Lauren Elizabeth Thompson

The Mysterious, And Sad Case Of Lauren Elizabeth Thompson

Thompson was last seen in Rockhill, Texas on January 10, 2019. At 2:04 p.m.

She called her mother, sounding frantic, asking to speak to her children, but they weren’t at home, so she asked her mother to tell her children and her father that she loved them and was sorry. She also stated if she got out of this, she would never use drugs again. Her mother thought she heard a man talking in the background.

At 2:24 p.m., Thompson called 911, sounding disoriented, saying she was in the woods and someone was chasing her and she was being shot at. The call lasted about twenty minutes before her phone battery died. She has never been heard from again. Police were dispatched to the area, and found Thompson’s car stuck in a ditch just west of Rockhill, off FM 1794. They found no sign of Thompson, however.

Laura, circa 2019.

Police talked to three people who were with Thompson the day she disappeared. One of them said they had been in the area fishing, and that he had been in the car with Thompson when she got stuck in the ditch. He said he told her he was going to walk home to get another vehicle to pull the car out of the ditch, but she ran off into the woods.

Investigators believe Thompson may have actually been run off the road as opposed to accidentally driving into the ditch; they found paint transfer on her car and on another vehicle. One of the three alleged witnesses is now deceased. Thompson’s case remains unsolved.

Information courtesy of The Charley Project.

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