The Casanova Killer



This crime is about a crime that took course over the span of 6 weeks back in the fall of 1995. This killer was known for seducing red headed women in bars before preforming a brutal act of murder. He was known to zigzag across the country while doing so.

Van Nuys, California Friday September 29, 1995 at 12:30 am.

A young woman call Sandra Gallagher who was the age of 33 was drinking at the Mcred’s lounge on this fateful night where she crossed paths with the Casanova Killer. Sandra was also a mother of 2.The bar she went to that night just happened to be around the corner from her apartment complex. Many people used to called her Sam investigators say she was roughly around 5’3 in height, 95 pounds but she had a big voice.

Unfortunately, Sandra is a women who has endured two unsuccessful marriages. However on this particular night she seems to be celebrating as she was lucky enough to win $1200 on Keno. The idea with that money as much as she wanted a little treat was to move closer two her two young boys who lived in North California.

Across the bar that night was a tall well groomed blond who was entertaining a small group across the bar. He is described to have a southern charm about him as well as being witty, it seemed people enjoyed being around him. In addition, at time he was seen buying drinks for the whole house.

Thought-out the night it was made clear that he was trying to pick up the young bar maid. The man asked the bar maid if he would give him a ride home but she refuses. With that decline this forces him to put his attention else where with evidently was Sander Gallagher. This then started a back and forth flirting between the pair which leads him to buying her a drink before they dance. This is when the man ask for a ride home his excuse for the ride is that he doesn’t want to drink and drive, which at first thought gives a very good impression showing that he was a responsible induvial. Unlike the bar maid she doesn’t decline, which means she fell right into the mans hands.

Around the hours of 1:30am, she agrees to give this young man a ride home, they then leave the bar though the back door and climb into Sandra’s truck this young man only lives half a mile from the bar. However they never made it too his apartment.

At some point during the ride he manages to take control, he then proceeds to strangle Sandra before stabbing her and then leaving the truck and setting it on fire. Later that morning police find , Sandra truck was found in a parking lot of a north Hollywood convalescent hospital. However he body was so badly burned it took them 4 days to make a positive identification. Meanwhile, while that was underway the Killer took a greyhound bus out of town.

At this point in time. no one had any clue who was capable of this horrific murder.

Jackson, Mississippi. Saturday October 14,1995.

A woman called Linda Price who is age of 34, is a mother of two who is a house cleaner, is with a sister at the state fair. She was considered as a very sweet woman who sadly had two unfortunate events happen in her life already. She had a husband which committed suicide and a before who was very abusive. At this moment in time Price was on the look for a new companion, however the man in the beer tent before her seemingly catches her eye. She was struck by is golden locks, while he was also tall and seen as a very good looking man. This man had only been in town for two weeks, he was fast to shower her in plenty of complements when she asked the man to dance.

They ended up hitting it off really well and go to spend the night in his hotel room. She ends up contacting her mother telling her how wonderful this man was and how handsome he was and believe she was in love with him. During there very brief chats he tells her that he was a construction worker. With only just a week later they were living together, but soon after Price isn’t too sure about her new boyfriend she picked up at the state fair.

On October 1st 1995, Linda makes a phone call to her sister. This discussion entails that she had heard somethings about her new lover, something that truly scares her. As Linda sister sat on the other end of the line, waiting for a further explaining on the subject. Her sister hears a man entering into the home in the background and the phone is quickly hung up.

Later that day, when Linda fails to call for their daily chat her mother decides to come around to the apartment. Even when the curtains were drawn he more could still peek though the window into the apartment. She could see that the bathroom shower curtain had been pulled all the way closed. This was seen as usual as this was not something done in their own home and just due to that fact alone she believed that her own daughter was laying in that apartment stone cold dead.

However it took a long 3 days too pass before Price’s family could convince the police to do a welfare check on the home. At that point the police finally gain entry to the home and make a horrid discovery, They find Linda Price dead in the bathroom tub. The injuries received were 4 stab wounds to the back and her neck had been cut, the police also discover blood covered towels and a mop, which means the killer has cleaned up the crime scene.

However there was one clue on the bathroom mirror it was writing saying ‘ We have found you glen’. Linda boyfriend who happens to be called Glen is no where to be found. So that was really there first clue to who they were going to have to deal with in that moment.

The first lot of question that comes to mind is Who? Why? and When?

This murders MO is that he is well groomed, handsome and he he very charming. He enjoys giving the women drinks and showering them with complements and that he tells women that he doesn’t like to drink and drive and likes to ask for rides home. If you added those all up there’s really nothing that could go wrong so he uses that to his advantage which is very deadly. Once he able to lure these women to the point they are alone that when all this rage and anger comes out. He also just doesn’t kill he over kills with the multiple stab wounds and slashing and even strangling this man is very very violent in nature. This can even be seen as personal as it’s one on one.

Gibsonton, Florida. Sunday November 5th 1995 3:00pm.

A 33 year old woman called Tina Cribbs is having drinks with friends at Showtown USA, this bar is popular for traveling carnival works and circus workers.  Cribbs is a devoiced mother of two, has a hard busy life she is a women who works three jobs, one of those job is a cleaner, the other job is at a cook and her last job is a cook at a restaurant.

At this moment in time, Tina is waiting for her mother at the bar when a well groomed man catches her eye. A young man breaks into her group of friends and begins to buy everyone drinks and socialises with them all. Tina is very charmed by this man instantly, and just like what happen to Sandra, he asked for a ride off Tina back to where he was staying and this man was supposedly staying the 8 Tampa Inn she obviously didn’t decline. This hotel was only 15 minutes away.

Before she left the bar she told the bartender to make her a drink and she’ll be back. At 3:45pm. Tina and the man left in her 1999 white ford fiesta. Eventually her mother arrives at the bar, and obviously Tina wasn’t there but her friends were. They tell her mother that she left with a drop dead gorgeous man.

Tina never makes it back to the bar, that exact evening her mother files a missing person report to the local sheriffs office. Then comes the next day the hotel manger for the Tampa 8 Inn, notices a white ford fiesta and a man getting into that same car and quickly driving away.

The next day the man had came to the front desk and had deliberately paid for another night stay. He also gave the front desk direct instruction that no to clean my room until check out. He had even made his own personal ‘ Do Not Disturb’ sign and left it on his motel room door.

After 48 hours of Tina being missing, hotel staff finally enter the hotel room and his motel room was 119. They then make a horrible discovery, they find Tina Cribbs body that was stabbed multiple times in both the chest and the buttocks. There was unfortunately didn’t have much forensic evidence to go on. However they were very quick to identify a suspect.  They identify the suspect was a man called Glen Rogers.

Once they finally had a suspect there then ran his name though the FBI’s national center crime database, that is when they hit a match and that he was actually wanted for homicide. At this point Florida knew that this was a lethal killer on the run, as he was wanted for murder in two other places, the police start making contact with the other state to work together to get this man. However no one knows where this man is.

Bossier City, Louisiana. Wednesday 8,1995 at 4pm.

A 37 year old bar maid called Andy Sutton, is take the time to enjoy the night off as she is drinking beer at a bar named A Touch Of Class. She is there with a guy she has known for roughly a month and they were living together on and off.

Though out that night bar staff seem to notice how the two of them break out in to an argument at the bar. This then causes them to leave, but they leave together.

Fast forward to the next morning, a person from Sutton’s apartment complex notices a young man loading in item into a white Ford festa, it was the same man who left with Andy. However, no one had seen nor heard from Andy since she left the bar that night with him.

9th of November, Andy roommate comes to find Andy’s naked corpse on a water bed, she had been stabbed multiple times in the chest and back. Outside the location of where the murder had taken place there was a bright red pickup truck. The registration to this vehicle belongs to non other than Glenn Rodgers.The police were fast to make it know to the local media and newspapers who they were looking for and why, they even release an image of this man so the whole of the southern region of the United States knows what he looks like and who he is.

He was now on the run in a small Ford white festa, he is then placed on the FBI top ten most wanted list. Over 400 leads come in but non are lead to another. Glenn’s own mother even makes a tv appearance begging her son to turn himself in.

Glenn now finds himself in Central Kentucky where he goes to visit his cousins, while he was there he tells his family everything they’ve seen on tv about him is simply not true in any sort of way.  He knows when he gets caught he will be kills so he there to just say goodbye to his family.

After he leaves one of his family members calls the state police and tells him exactly where he is. They do this so they don’t have the responsibility of the next person he kills.

Waco, Kentucky. November 13th 1995 at 12pm.

The police make a move on Glenn’s last known location, one of the police on duty sees a white Ford festa and pulls along side it when he looks across he sees Glenn Rodgers. Glenn Rodgers looks back at the police officer takes another a sip of beer throwing it at the police car and then speeding off, leading the police into a 15minutes chase.

When the police had arrested him, a media company was there and asked him ‘did you kill anyone?’
His response was ‘ask me 1 on 1 and no I didn’t kill any body’. After Glenn’s arrest he is interrogated for approximately six hours.During the six hour interrogation he boasted about killing up to 70 people and then sometimes he says he didn’t kill anyone eventually within time during the investigation he does admit to knowing some of the women that were murdered he then says the white Ford Fiesta that he was seen with was simply loan from Tina.

By December 19 95 a 33-year-old man known as Glenn Rogers is now facing murder charges in four different states these include the murder of Sandra Gallagher, Linda Price, Tina Cribbs and Andy Sutton.

The state of Florida take the first murder trial shot while waiting for trial Glenn Rogers is tested by a court psychologist and is diagnosed with chronic psychotic disturbances. What this is is that a person will have beliefs that do not cater to reality he then scores a 76 on his IQ test which is only six points above what is classified as retardation.He also shows some sort of brain damage.

Tampa Florida April 28, 1997.

Glenn Rogers is now standing trial for the murder of Tina Cribbs.prosecutors now present some very very large amount of evidence against Glenn something that was very overwhelming was the fact of Tina’s wallet and drivers license they were both found and the fingerprint on them items linked straight back to Rogers.And to top it off obviously when he is arrested in Kentucky he is obviously driving her car.

The prosecutors argue the fact that Tinas murder was premeditated due to the precise way that she had received the stab wounds from him because there was a knife pushed into her body and it was turned and then pulled out. The examiner estimated that Tina would’ve been alive for approximately 30 minutes after this brutal assault.

The defence and argues due to the fact of Rogers upbringing and his medical condition made him incapable of knowing what was right and what was wrong however the jury doesn’t buy it. On May 7, 1997 the jury returns the result of guilty it was 12 to 0 and each and every single one of them where in favour of the death penalty.

Following his trial in Florida he was an extradited to California and had to stand trial for their due to the murder of Sandra Gallagher he is then convicted of both murder and arson in June 1999. At Sandra Gallagher’s trial he is also receive the death penalty once again.

then in case of the other two murders for both Andy Sutton and Linda Price they chose not to prosecute on those two cases.

In 2012 after spending 15 years on death row Glenn Rogers then went public on a story not a single person could believe in June 1994 just before his killing spree begins he is living in central California he works as a painter and one of the jobs he gets takes him into the home of O.J. Simpson‘s wife.This is when he says that O.J. Simpson asked him to break in to his wife’s house and still back some earring. When Rogers went to go get the earrings apparently Ronald Goldman just happened to show up and at that point he killed Ronald Goldman and and Nicole Brown Simpson.

At this point the police didn’t believe what Glenn was saying I need as does the families however there could be possible evidence that may link him to the crime scenes however like his truck that was one of the trucks identified outside of Nicole’s Condo at the time of her murder there was also a second body footprint that was identified at the crime scene but it could not be linked to anyone so it was left alone so as much as they don’t want to believe it there could be some possible ability that he was included in the two murders however many people assume they have key could be related to 4 other unsolved murders in the state of California.


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