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Kelly Cochrane

WARNING! SENSTIVE CONTENT AHEAD! This crime is about a murder of two men who had one thing in common sleeping with a woman called Kelly Cochrane, however one man is dead while the other at the time was missing. He we’ll find out what was the key killer mistake was. The detectives go into this…

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A killer in plain sight.

WARNING! SENSITIVE CONTENT AHEAD! This crime is about a murder that was almost considered a perfect kill, this a murder about an innocent woman gun down in her own home and this crime goes unsolved for decades until the DNA evidence identifies the killer and it shocks the entire police force. Van Nuys, California Friday…

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Obsessive Love! (Gone Wrong)

WARNING! SENSTIVE CONTENT! This case is about a well respected man in the community who has his life abruptly ended in his own home where he was found dead. The police are fast to make a dash for who wanted this man dead, but they soon discover how harmful love can actually be. Mesa, Arizona…

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