Bind, Torture, Kill.

Bind, Torture, Kill.


Sensitive and Graphic Content Ahead!

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This is about what seems to be about an average American man but turn out to be a ruthless serial killer!

For decades a sadistic criminal terrorises Central Kansas torturing , strangling and killing at random, this lethal serial killer hides in plane sight this killer remains at large until one day his cat and mouse game with the police take one step too far.

Wichita Kansas, January 15, 1974 at 7pm. Joseph and Julie Otero, were cleaning up after dinner and their 9 year old son called Joseph Jr open the back door to let their family dog out, when suddenly a tall dark figure appears suddenly in the doorway out of the darkness and processed to enter the house.


A veteran police tactics expert says that the approach that was shown as a methodical approach to a pre determined crime and to show that the first step that was taken was the phone lines were cut making sure there was no way they could try call for help, the second step was this sadistic criminal gaining entry into the home which he managed to do with ease.

Once the intruder was inside the man pull a gun on the young boy, his parents and his 11 year old sister Josephine Otero. He claimed to be a fugitive for justice and he said he only wanted food and a vehicle so he could get away. He then proceeds to tell the family he needed to tie the family up which would only heighten their fear of this intruder.

From this point the killer in a much later interview says he took them into the back bedroom and at that time I tied them up.

First this sadistic killer strangles the parents but they don’t die, Joseph and Julie are only knocked unconscious for a short time, before they wake up to the most horrific sight you could ever imagine they saw the killer murdering their children right in front of them. The man strangles Josephine then moving onto Joseph Jr, strangling him with a plastic bag. Once the kids had stopped struggling he then comes back for the adults, he uses ropes and to ensure they are dead he puts a plastic bag over their heads to ensure oxygen deprecation.

The killer comments saying he didn’t have a mask or anything to hide his identity so they would’ve of been able to ID him, so he then made the decision to go ahead and put them down and strangle them.

At this point Joseph Jr, was dead but his sister Josephine was still alive, the man took the poor girl to the basement and hung her so her toes just touched the floor so she could support herself for a while but the killer knew eventually she would strangle herself to death on the rope.


The killer escape completely undetected, however 15 year old Charlie and 13 year old Carmen come home to the horrific sight of their whole family murdered.


The police then arrive at the house and the only thing they find missing is a watch and a radio. One horrid thing they find is semen next to the body 11 year old Josephine hung down in the basement.

When this crime was committed there was no such thing as an DNA database and there was no forensic evidence that would lead them in the right path to catching this killer.

At that moment the city of Wichita had never seen anything like this, but little did they known this nightmare was only the start.


Thursday April 4th 1974, Wichita Kansas at 1pm. 21 year old college student who was called Catherin Bright comes home after a long day her younger brother Kevin accompanied her, but what Katheryn didn’t know is that a mad man was lurking in the shadows waiting for her and that he had been stalking her for weeks and was not expecting her brother to be there.


When the sibling enter the house he comes out one the bedrooms, at this point the sibling are faced with a man holding two guns and all he tells them is that he wanted and all he wants is some cash and a car to make his escape.

He then forces the younger brother to tie his sister up in one of the bedrooms and after that he takes Kevin into a separate bedroom and ties him up, the killer then makes the attempt to choke Kevin with a knotted stocking, but wasn’t able too due to the fact Kevin finally started to fight back.

The killer describes in a later interview how Kevin broke free from his bonds and jumped to his feet quickly forcing the killer to pull his gun out and shoot him quickly hitting him in the head, he then describes how he saw the blood and believed that Kevin was down and out.


Once that had happen he then leaves that room and goes to the other bedroom and makes the attempt to strangle Kathryn but she two like her brother fights back as he their struggling with Kathryn he could hear movement in the other room, the murder was quick to head back determined to finish of Kevin Bright once and for all, but the young boy would give up he fights to the point where he was able to take control of one of the guns. Kevin shoots twice but the gun misfires at this point the killer once again gets the upper hand and shoots Kevin in the face with his other gun on this occasion Kevin now pretends to be dead.

The killer then moved back to where the other sibling was and in a later interview explains how he was losing more and more control and that making an attempt to strangle her wasn’t seeming to work on her so it forced his hand into using a knife. He stabbed her two or three times.


Then the killer was in a state of panic as he realises Kevin had escaped so he fled the scene, soon after Kevin returned with help for his sister, but in that moment it was to late she died serval hours later due to her injuries.

Kevin was able to then help law enforcement with a clear description of his sister murder. 5’10, male round about 180 pounds with a rough age description of 25 – 35 years of age with a moustache and dark hair.


At the point in time the police were investigating the crimes separately, but the murder wanted to make it known he was responsible for all 5 murders. The murder made it clear he wanted the attention and recognition for his crimes.

This then leads the killer to go to a library and leaves a letter in mechanical engineering book and then proceeded to call a local news paper telling them where they could find this letter. The letter gave the full run down of the Otero’s murders and Kathryn murder in full details in which the police had not released to the public.


When the police went over and analysed the murders note this was there first indication that they had a serial killer on the loose, and one that got pleasure from killing and was promising many more victims.

The killer wrote in his letter ‘ You’ll probably call me a psychotic with a sexual hang-up.’ A profiler says that he get sexual pleasure though causing pain and suffering of other people. What is even more twisted is that the killer even signs the letter and tells them he wants to be known as the B.T.K strangler. This meaning B.T.K standing for Bind Them, Torture Them, Kill Them.

Three years go by and the police department wasn’t anywhere closer to solving this case. Then B.T.K strikes once more.

Thursday March 17, 1977 in Wichita Kansas 11:55am. 26 year old Shirley Vian, was home with her three young kids when a mysterious man knocks on the door, claiming that he was a private detective.


Young little 5 year old Steven opens the door unknowingly letting in a true monster. Once inside B.T.K pulls down the blinds, and turns off the tv and pulls a gun out of a shoulder holster.

He then proceeded to lock all three young children in the bathroom. Once the kids were locked away he then starts the brutal assault on their mother.


In a later interview the killer says that Shirley got sick and threw up so he fetched her a drink of water and comforted her a little bit, once that was done he then continues to with his intention and tied her up before putting a bag over her head and strangles her. Luckily the three young children were unharmed but the sight they got was horrific seeing there mother dead on the floor.


Then over the next 9 months the cops followed nothing but dead leads. The T.B.K plans his next murder, which he called Project Fox Hunt.

Thursday 8th December 1977, Wichita Kansas at 9:30pm. 25 year old Nancy Fox arrives home from work. Nancy had no idea her phone lines had been cut and the sadistic murder known as T.B.K was just waiting in her kitchen.


In a later interview the T.B.K describes in detail what he did, the first thing he did was get on top of her and told them he had a belt in his hands, he then used the belt as a murder weapon and strangled her.

To further twist to his crime he places a call to emergency services and tell them the exact locations of her body. He tells the person on the other side of the phone ‘ You will find a homicide at 843 South Pershing, Nancy Fox’


First responders find Nancy murder has some very troubling similarities to older cases of the B.T.K, there was also seamen found at the scene, however there was no signs of any sexual assault found when Nancy was examined.

However there was once significant difference between the Otero’s Murder and Nancy Fox murder, the one thing that was missing from the victims house was her driving licence, this would be seen as some kind of trophy that the killer had taken, to allow him to relive the moment from the comfort of his own home.

3 years and 7 murders and police still didn’t have a single suspect, however a clear MMO was seen by the man who calls himself the B.T.K. They were able to build a character profile for this killer and that was that he was very organized, he liked to torture his victims, he like to strangle or have something around their necks to be able to watch the life slowly fade from them, for some sadistic reason that gave him some sort of sexual entertainment. This murder also liked to collect trophy from his victims that would help him relive and play out the feeling of committing these horrid acts of murder.

However killing wasn’t enough for this murders twist mind, no. He wanted attention and recognition for these brutal acts, this is where he begins to reach out to the local media.

January 31, 1978 Wichita Kansas. The local media receives a poem relating to the murder of Shirley Vian. However the local media doesn’t post the poem, this then upset B.T.K, so this leads him to write a letter to a local television station and the letter says quote ‘ How many do I have to kill before I get my name in the paper or some national attention?’


He then proceeded to take responsibility for the Vian and Fox murders, this leads him to start relating himself to well known serial killers such as Ted Bundy, and Son of Sam. With this horrific murder still on the loose this sends Wichita into a big state of panic. This made women never wanting to enter their own house alone also leading to be afraid of have window showing though to the backyard, this lead to them being bordered and nailed shut.

This lead to a spike in gun and pepper spray being bought and more and more people taking up self defence classes.

At this moment in time it was only younger victims that were targeted. However the older residents of Wichita were about to get horrifying wake up call when B.T.K was still at large.

April 28, 1979 Wichita Kansas, the B.T.K waited in the home of a 63 year old woman called Anna Williams. She luckily never showed home this caused him to leave. Out of pure frustration B.T.K let her a note saying quote ‘ Be glad you weren’t here, because I was’

The B.T.K give Wichita a surprised no one ever so coming, in the 1980s he stop trying to get recognition for his crime which included the abrupt stop of letters to local media companies.

From 1974-1979 the B.T.K terrorises Wichita Kansas. Over the next 25 years he quite the law enforcement are able to relax, believing this horrid nightmare of the B.T.K strangler were over but there were most definitely wrong.

In 2004 the Wichita Eagle mark the 30th anniversary of the beginning of the B.T.K strangler horrid nightmare which took a hold of Wichita Kansas.

But once again this lead to the killer to start his letter writing campaign once again, this making him want the attention all over again. The B.T.K sends letter and packages to the police and the local media containing photos of his victims and also photocopied items he took from them.

One of the packages contained a drivers licence of a woman who goes by the name Vicki Wegerie along with three pictures of her dead posed body. This sickening image only proved that back in 1979 the T.B.K never stopped killing.


September 16, 1986 Wichita Kansas. Vicki Wegerie was found strangled and just like the previous cases the one thing that was missing was her drivers licence, they never once linked this crime to T.B.K because the main fact was that he went silent half a decade before.

Back in the spotlight, the B.T.K more packages and more letters are starting to be sent which make the town of Wichita back to feeling on edge.

On July 22 2004, the police station form a multiforme task force, to catch the T.B.K. Soon the attention seeking efforts begin to backfire.

In February 2005, the T.B.K leaves a package for the police and notifies them that he has left it at The Home Depot and the one thing the killer clearly forgot about was there a little thing called security cameras.

This lead the police to find a car that drove around in circles a few times within the shop car park. They manage to get a hold of the cars licence plate and it is registered to a 59 year man called Dennis Lynn Rader.

After 30 long year Wichita finally had a viable suspect, but who was he outside of the mind of the B.T.K.

The scariest thing was there was nothing out of the ordinary with this man he seems normal, he had a wife and two children, he attended church every Sunday and was an active member within his community.

The investigators wanted to know was this the real man just leading a double life, with his identity showing that he was the B.T.K. but his next move left very little doubt in the polices mind.

Dennis contacts the police one day and asking if he sent in a floppy disk would they be able to trace it. This is when the police assure him that if he sent it in that there was no possible way they could trace it. This was a lie from the police  they were very confident they would be able to trace any imbedded information from a floppy disk.

February 16th, 2005 the B.T.K sends a floppy disk into a local new station the police trace the floppy disk to a church where Dennis Rader happens to be a member of for the past three years.

There was documents found of Dennis and even his name on the disk its self and the police were able to uncover it all. As one of the member who had access to the churches computer as many people did not.

However this did not prove that he was guilty for these horrific crimes.

In February 2005, the police were finally able to identify Dennis Rader and to their belief that this man is the seral killer known as the T.B.K. However the police need some stone cold evidence before they can even make an arrest.

The advance in forensic science give the police the gun fire to blow this whole case wide open. At this point in time they manage to obtain a search warrant for Dennis Rader’s DNA.

They manage to get a DNA sample from Dennis Daughter, which leads them to make a connection from her DNA to Dennis.

Already in possession of T.B.K DNA due to the fact he left Seamen stains at two of the murders sites back in the 1970’s.

Just like they thought the DNA got from Dennis Daughter links back to one at the crime scene which joins up all the dot leading it straight back to Dennis Rader’s DNA.

This was there first bit of solid evidence leading Dennis Rader to the horrifying string of murders. Nobody could believe that normal looking family man could be this truly horrifying murder.

Friday February 25, 2005 Wichita Kansas 12pm. The police set there sights to move in on Dennis Rader. They know this man works in the city complement office and that he will always attend home for lunch.

When Dennis arrives home the police execute a traffic stop, they were able to detain him without a struggle now that he was in their custody the police start to conduct a massive search of the man home.

Evidently, they are only able to obtain a laptop and a pair of nylon black panties. However it was Rader himself who lead to what this sick twisted man called the motherload. He tell the police man to go check his locker at work.

When they searched his locker they literally find everything, that includes all his trophies from the victims, newspaper clippings, items of clothing and driver licences from the victims, copies of the communications that he had sent to both the police and the local media as well as chapters of a book which he called the B.T.K story.

They also find a bunch of sexually explicit drawing of Rader’s  which show stuff such as bondage and torture. This leads the police to integrate Dennis for a long 32 hours.

At the start of the interrogation Dennis speaks about the B.T.K in the third person, but eventually comes around and gives a complete confession. He then shocks the officers as he admits to another two murders.

One of those was 52 year woman called Marine Hedge, he describes that he picked her out similar to the other murder though the different phases the scariest thing was that she only lived down the street so it was easy for him to stalk her watching her come and go as he pleased.

On April 27, 1985. Dennis cut the phonelines to Marine Hedge house and then pride open her back door with a screw driver. He strangles her and then drags her body out setting it in the trunk of his car and then drives to the church. He then take her body to the church basement, and take photographs of her, then take her body putting it back in the car and goes and dumps her body in a ditch nearby.

The picture taken of this women were also found in his work locker.

January 19, 1991. Dennis throws a concrete block though the house window of a woman called  Dolores Davis and breaks in used his old line of ‘ I’m wanted all I need is food and to get away’

This was when Rader handcuffs the 62 year old woman, he then strangles her to death before covering her face with a mask. He then explained to police as he got older he lost the grip to go for the younger women so he was forced to pick out the older instead.

March 1 2005, Dennis Rader is charge with 10 accounts of 1st degree murder, the bail is set at 10 million dollars, a million for each murder. His attorney enter a plea of not guilty.

On June 27th, 2005. Rader suddenly changes changes his plea from not guilty to guilty to all 10 murders. Prosecutors force Dennis to describe in detail each and every single crime he has committed.  This was to ensure he would never see daylight ever again.

He admits to premeditation, to stalking his victims . On August 8th 2005, Dennis receives Ten consecutive life sentences. Unlike his victims he can’t be executed, because all of his crimes were committed before the death plenty was brought back in the state of Kansas.

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