Obsessive Love! (Gone Wrong)



This case is about a well respected man in the community who has his life abruptly ended in his own home where he was found dead. The police are fast to make a dash for who wanted this man dead, but they soon discover how harmful love can actually be.

Mesa, Arizona Wednesday June 4, 2008 5:25pm

A 29 year old man known as Travis Alexander who was a well known business man was taking a shower, in the comfort of his own home. Within this home he had two roommates and they were both out of town. However on this fateful day he wasn’t in this house alone.

While in his own home Travis ended up receiving a gunshot wound to the head, 27 stab wounds and he also receives a laceration to his neck that almost reaches his spine  and goes from ear to ear. The murder leaves Travis’s body laid slumped on the floor of the shower.

Over the next five days all of Travis friends grow more and more concerned after he misses an extremely important business meeting and after he fails to answer calls and text messages. Finally, on June 9th they pay a visit to him home, they then enter the home and find a horrific scene of Travis Alexander’s  body they then make a phone call to the police.

When the police arrive they find nothing missing and no sign of forced entry. This means the motive wasn’t surrounded by robbery, as a description of the crime scene the police say it was basically the butchering of a human body. They determined that Travis died from the fatal slash across his neck, with this attack being so up close it showed whoever killed him had great rage. From the first glance it was clear that Travis was no a random murder, his killer was someone that he knew.

The police take statements from his roommates, his friends and ex girlfriends. The name they give police is his ex girlfriend name Jodi Arias. The friend describe this woman as someone who is obsessive, jealous and made a clear suggestion for the police to find them.

At the crime scene the investigators uncover a mass amount of forensic evidence that was left behind in the blood shed. They was 25 shell cases found it was clear that though the blood spray analysist. There was also hair collected from the floor, some of the hairs were very long and clearly didn’t belong to the victim. They police also find a load of clothing in the washing machine they find a camera that had went though its cycle in a obvious attempt to destroy it, the investigators were able to recover the memory card they hope it would give them some clues to what happened.

They managed to find out that Travis was supposed to go on a flight with an ex girlfriend, however after being questioned she had no hesitation to mention the name Jodi Arias to the police and describes this woman as a stalker.

So the police were very fast to stay they needed to find this induvial and find out more due to what had been said this woman had a lot of issues psychologically, it also went with the fact she was clearly possessive and very jealous by nature.

June 10th the day after the body was discovered, the lead investigator on the case get multiple calls from Arias. But not only was she calling her she was also leaving voice messages to the police so they could get a hold of her for her to help in any way within the investigation.

From her home in California, Jodi told the police that she hadn’t seen Travis in over two months. She states that they broke up and it was a mutual breakup and also continues to claim that she hadn’t seen him and have absolutely no knowledge of the crime what’s so ever.

At this point in time there was very little to no evidence to link her to this crime. A week later Jodi proceeds to travel to Mesa to meet with detectives. She volunteers to give fingerprints and a DNA sample. She is very willing in helping the investigation to find and capture Travis’s killer.

Thursday June 19,2008 in Phoenix Arizona.

The lab results finally come back from the memory that was recovered from the camera found in the washing machine at found at the crime scene. The recovered images are game changing. The pictures show Travis and Jodi together multiple times on June 4th, the day that Travis was murdered.

A picture was taken a 5:25 pm blows investigators away, it was time stamped the exact time when the homicide occurred. When the investigators examined it closely they could see in the reflection of Travis eyes was Jodi there taking the picture of him in the shower.

On June 25th the officer makes a phone call to Jodi and questions her intensely about the photos. Even with all the photos times tamped and date stamped she continues to deny that she was even there to begin with.  But the police are curious what was her alibi.

Between June 3rd and June 5th she claims that she was driving to Salt Lake City to meet a man called Ryan Burns. During interview Burns tells investigators that it took Jodi over 48 to complete what would’ve been a 11 hour drive. The police then calculated the distance between where Jodi, Ryan and Travis lived. They claim that Jodi could’ve drove to Travis house and the went from there to Ryan’s house. What they learn is that Jodi rented a car 100 miles from where she was living, she then removes the plate to avoid detection. Jodi also turns off her phone so she couldn’t be tracked.

However that wasn’t all she did, Jodi also purchased gas cans at a Walmart, it suggests it to avoid stopping for gas in Arizona. When she returns the car she proceeds to be a day late and with over an additional 2000 miles on the car with also no floor mats. The police then discover an unsettling coincidence the bullet that came from Travis body, matches the gun that went missing from Jodi’s grand parents house 8 days before Travis’s murder.

By July 8th the DNA analysis comes back from the lab, which connects all the evidence in a link all leading back to only one person.

A bloody palm print that was lifted came back with the DNA of Jodi which put her at the crime scene. They also hair that matches Jodi’s.

Yreka California, Tuesday July 15th, 2008.

Police arrest Jodi and hold while the head investigator files in from Meza to interrogate her about the crime and all the evidence linking to her. Between July 15th and July 16th, they interview Jodi for hours but she was stubborn and consistently denied any sort of involvement in the crime,  but when the police leave the room she proceeds to do a handstand against the wall before looking over the auto recorder she then mumbles to herself, its almost if she faking being crazy. The police found this very weird and strange.

On day two of the integration Jodi mood changes dramatically, as she going though a whole mood scale where at some point she laughing and full of joy and then the next to crying. There is at some points when she is talking to herself. The police are never sure if this was all an act or not. But Jodi plays the role of someone who wouldn’t even hurt a fly.

Later on she then tries to distance herself from the crime, by saying there was many people she hated much more than Travis and saying how they were still alive. Even when the police show her the huge amount of evidence they have against her she still continues to remain that she is innocent and would never hurt Travis.

On September 5th the police charge Jodi with the murder of Travis Alexander with the charge of 1st degree murder. They then expedite her to Phoenix Arizona. She pleads not guilty.

The police believe with the ending of their relationship and Travis going off to date other women, the police believe that this was her motive to set the train in motion that wasn’t gonna stop till it was over. It was like if I can’t have you, no one will type scenario.

Throughout the time he was dating other woman, Travis claimed that Jodi began to stalk him sneaking in and out of his house when he was sleeping and then sending very threatening emails to both him and the girl he was with at the time the police were able to find this evidence.

However despite all of what was going on Travis couldn’t deny the sex. Jodi was so determined to be a part of Travis life that she even offered to clean his house for $12.50 an hour and he agreed. With Travis being so addicted the sexual side of the relationship  he then process to give her a key to his home, to allow her come and go as she please.

Jodi then takes her case to the court of public opinion  she then took her story to the press and arrogantly said that she would not be found guilty in a court of law. Two weeks later in a television interview Jodi did an abrupt face. She then offers another version of event and says yes she was with Travis saying that two people enter the residents and assaulted Travis but she managed to escape. She already tired this story with the police.

Fast forward to August 2010, after sitting in prison for two years she then offers yet another version of events. She was with Travis and she did kill him but it was an act of self defence. Apparently they spent a day of sex and bondage and she was using the Camera to take pictures of what they were doing, she then dropped the camera damaging it, this apparently cause Travis to become so enraged at her that he attack her so she ended up taking his life in self defence. She only remember shooting one shot but nothing else which in police mind is a convenient black out moment.

Phoenix Arizona, January 2nd, 2013.

The trail begins in the Travis murder against Jodi, with cameras allowed in the court room this becomes a must see case on tv. What makes this case more interesting is that some explicit text messages are shown in the court room.

They claim that Jodi premeditated this murder by waiting for Travis to be vulnerable and once in the shower she took the advantage to shoot, stab and slash his throat before leaving him for dead. This was a trust crime of passion.

May 8th 2013, after lots of money put into this case Jodi is finally found guilty for the murder of Travis Alexander in the 1st degree.

After that sentence Jodi says she was ready to die it took a year later to decide her fate. The judge stepped in with 11 to 2 in favour of the death plenty he decided that she was going to be sentenced to life in prison with out the possibility of parole, which means Jodi was going to rot the rest of her life away behind bars.

She says she is going to appeal her sentence and continues to state that this murder was an act of self defence. The police describe her like a preying mantis saying that once she mated with she will then bite your head of and devour your body.

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