Lancashire Heeler – Pastoral

Lancashire Heeler – Pastoral

Lancashire Heeler – Pastoral

Name Lancashire Heeler
Size Small to Mid-Size
Grooming Once a week
Training Moderate - Difficult
Exercise 2 to 3 walks a day
Origins England

The Unknown Breed of England!

Quick Overview

The Lancashire Heeler is a strange little dog, the origin of the dog is unknown but believed to be in England. One characteristic of the dog is that they are more commonly known for being very feisty little ones. There relatively rare right now, mainly in the United Kingdom but overall one of the rarest dog breeds in the UK right now. They are really affectionate with their owners, however they can be terrible when seeing another dog and a stranger.

Name:                                                Lancashire Heeler

Size:                                                    10 to 12 inches

Weight:                                                10-17 lbs

Grooming:                                          Thick, short, hard, weather resistant

Exercise:                                              2 to 3 walks a day

Training:                                              Stubborn

Origins:                                                 England

Lifespan:                                              12-15 years

Breed Type:                                        Terrier

History of the Lancashire Heeler Breed

Thee Lancashire Heeler history hasn't been very well documented as not much is known about this type of dog, as no one has a clue about their origin or about how they managed to get into England! It's accepted that they originated with the crossing of Welsh Corgis and with another Terrier breed, to be believed a Manchester Terrier. This has resulted in this type of breed, another stubborn and loving dog! The breed is often refered to as the Ormskirk Terrier, due to the fact they have roots from the Ormskirk area in the UK, dating this back a few hundred years ago!

In 1981, the UK Kennel Club recognized them and made them known as one of the rarest dog breeds in the UK as they became a member of the Kennel Club! They started to grow increasingly popular in the US in 2019 however. And with no statements and documents proving the history of this dog... this is what is believed to have happened!

Fun Facts About Your Lancashire Heeler Dog!

Love them or hate them, here are some Five Minutes Spare hard facts that may or may not entertain you:

  • They are very affectionate between there owners.
    • The dog can be very loving towards there owners, to the point of when they see a stranger in the street they will be very stubborn and will bark at them unless trained otherwise
  • Not much is known about the origin of this dog.
    • Very little is known about this dog, which is strange as they are in the Kennel Club, however this type of dog has a rare but unknown history which is strange to see for a lot of dogs!
  • When training, they may need an extra bit of training due to how stubborn they can be.

3 fun facts that some people may not of known about this rare type of dog!

Are They Hard to Train?

This type of dog isn't as stubborn as they may appear, however they can be difficult to train the way you may want them to train. They can pick up things very easily and they are very intelligent, however they may need some time to train and the owner will need to have some patience's, however after they have cracked through it... the dog will be trained quick and easy with some positive training methods that can improve your dog more and more.

 Do they Need lots of Exercise?

The Lancashire Heeler are quiet small dogs, however they do love there exercise and love to go on walks, mainly 2 to 3 a day, or 2 hours walk at most. Due to this, the dog will need very well walked to keep him or her satisfied.

How Often do I Groom my Lakeland Terrier?

Lancashire Heeler's will only need to be groomed once a week with how small there coats are. They can be quiet thick but it is recommended to groom this dog once a week!

Are they Healthy Dogs?

This type of rare breed is known for being quite healthy but can have some issues surrounding health in the future. Some of the conditions they may be prone to are:

  • PPL
    • Primary Lens Luxation is a condition that often leads to eye lends detaching completely and moving around, meaning they could have loss of vision and can be very painful.
  • CEA
    • Collie Eye Anomaly is a condition that is commonly seen on collies, however can be seen in other breads. This normally occurs around the time the dog is older, however it involves the knee cap moving out of his normal position and can lead to blindness!

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