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Maremma Sheepdog – Pastoral

Maremma Sheepdog – Pastoral

Maremma Sheepdog – Pastora

Name Maremma Sheepdog - Pastoral
Size Large
Grooming Easy to Moderate
Training Moderate - Difficult
Exercise Daily 45 - 60 mins at least walks
Origins Italy

The Large Sheepdog of Italy!

Quick Overview

The Maremma Sheepdog was originated in Italy as an ancient working dog breed. This one breed can be traced back to the Tibetan Mastiff. An incredible history for this dog as there has been mentions of this dog for longer than 2000 years now. The general appearance of the dog is a strong, muscular dog with a rustic appearance, very lively for the type of dog they are too!

Image Credit: M. Rohana

Name:                                                Maremma Sheepdog

Size:                                                    23 to 29 inches

Weight:                                               66 - 100 lbs

Grooming:                                         Easy to Moderate

Exercise:                                             Daily walks/up to 60 mins max, 45 mins least

Training:                                             Moderate to difficult training

Origins:                                               Italy

Lifespan:                                             10 - 14years

Breed Type:                                        Pastoral

History of this Dog Breed?

The Cane da pastore Maremmano-Abruzzese, or better known as the Maremma Sheepdog, was first mentioned during the Roman age, being mentioned as a part of a Roman literature that has been said to be more than 2000 years old. The dogs historically protected the sheep's and goats from predators during this time and during it's time in the native regions of Abruzzi and Maremma, Italy.

The first dog to enter the United States was back in 1970s where there was a massive 10 year long research project exploring the effectiveness of livestock guardians. Throughout them studies, the researchers placed 1000 dogs in 37 states; the results showed that their presence led to decreases in livestock predation!

Fun Facts About Your Maremma Sheepdog!

Love them or hate them, here are some Five Minutes Spare hard facts that may or may not entertain you:

  • They have a massive amount of history to search up on
    • The Maremma Sheepdog can date back to nearly more than 3000 years ago, as stated above, from the Roman age!
  • They can protect many different types of animals, but the oddest one of all is Penguins!
  • Maremma Sheepdogs Have Guarded Sheep for Centuries.

3 fun facts that some people may not of known about this rare type of dog!

Are They Hard to Train?

This particular breed of dog has been said to be somewhat moderate to train and will need a lot of consistent work to allow them to become a great, well trained dog.  This breed is smart however and eager to please their owners, which could result in faster training methods, however they will test your patients, therefore you will need this!

 Do they Need lots of Exercises?

The Maremma Sheepdog needs to get at least 45 minutes of exercise daily to meet his daily needs of exercise. This could also be upped to 60 minutes as it is a big dog and will need a lot of exercise.

Got Five Minutes?

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Banner and Image Credit: Cristina Annibali

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